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International Remittance Package

Transfer and receive funds across the globe with fast and reliable services from ICBC (Thai) with ICBC global network and CNY international remittance that offers:

ICBC Express Transfer Service (for corporate and personal customers)
• Fund transfer to any ICBC account all around the world via ICBC global network.
• Express remittance to bank accounts across the globe within the same day.
• Competitive exchange rates with low fees.
• USD and EUR transfers available through Internet Banking.
• USD, HKD, JPY, EUR and CHF transfers available over the counter.

Personal Pre-fixed Remittance (for personal customers only)
• Remittance, from individual to individual, appropriate for sending THB from Thailand and receiving CNY in China. Beneficiary must be a personal Chinese citizen in China, either an account with ICBC or with other banks anywhere in China.
• The currency exchange rate is calculated on the transaction date, so that the beneficiary will receive the exact amount sent, minimizing the risk from exchange rate fluctuation.
• Beneficiary receives full amount remitted and pays no inward remittance fee normally applied by other banks.
• Service available over the counter and on ICBC Internet Banking.
• Beneficiary can receive funds on the transfer date, for transfer to an ICBC account. Please refer to the table below for details:

Beneficiary Bank in China Transfer Funds Through ICBC (Thai) Funds Received in China
ICBC Before 12.00 Hrs. Same day
After 12.00 Hrs. Next working day
Other banks Before 12.00 Hrs. Next working day
After 12.00 Hrs. The third working day (from transfer date)

Personal CNY Cross-border Remittance (for personal customers only)
• CNY can be directly remitted from individual to individual both from Thailand to Guangdong and from Guangdong to Thailand.
• No need to exchange currencies (for other currencies, the exchange rates on the transaction date will be used to convert into CNY). Beneficiary will receive the exact amount remitted and pays no inward fee.
• Outward Remittances: currently only available for individual beneficiaries holding CNY accounts with ICBC Guangdong (excluding Shenzhen branches). The beneficiary can be an individual of any citizenship.
• Inward Remittances: available for an individual beneficiary holding an account with ICBC (Thai). Beneficiary can be an individual of any citizenship. The remitter must be an individual customer holding an account with ICBC Guangdong (excluding Shenzhen branches).
• Beneficiary will receive funds normally within 2 business days.
• Service available over the counter at any branch of ICBC (Thai) and ICBC Guangdong (excluding Shenzhen branches).

Corporate CNY Cross-border Remittance (for corporate customers)
• Corporate customers are able to remit CNY directly to China without having to exchange to USD or other currencies as in the past.

International Remittances (for corporate and personal customers)
• Quick remittance globally via SWIFT with ICBC Group’s worldwide presence.
• Service available over the counter and on ICBC Internet Banking.

• When submitting the remittance/transfer application, the remitter is required to provide the beneficiary’s details including the address, phone number, account name and number, SWIFT Code, bank and branch name (specify the province for fund transfer to China). For Personal Pre-fixed Remittance, the ID number of the beneficiary must also be provided.
• Remitter must submit the application form together with all required documents as specified by the Bank to comply with the regulations of the Bank of Thailand.
• Time and period for funds receipt may vary depending on the time zone and the receiving banks’ business hours.
• Limit on transaction amount depends on the purpose of the transfer as per the regulations of the Bank of Thailand.
• For inward remittances, the SWIFT code ‘ICBKTHBK’ together with the ICBC (Thai) account details must be provided to the remitter for all money transfers to Thailand.
• For outward or inward remittances of USD 50,000 or more, or equivalent in other currencies, the remitter must submit the Foreign Exchange Transaction Form together with the supporting documents according to the purpose of fund transfer. The remitter is also required to certify that he/she will not conduct any transaction that is unlawful or in breach of the exchange control laws and regulations.
• Personal transfer limits of ICBC Express Transfer (personal), Personal Pre-fixed Remittance, and International Remittance on ICBC Personal Internet Banking are as per the table below:


 Transaction Type Personal Customers Corporate Customers
Maximum Limit Per Transaction Maximum Limit Per Day Maximum Limit Per Transaction Maximum Limit Per Day
 ICBC Express Less than  50,000 US Dollars Code Card 200,000 Baht 1,000,000 US Dollars or equivalent X
e-Password Token 10,000,000 Baht or equivalent 10,000,000 US Dollars or equivalent X
Personal Pre-fixed and International Remittance USB-Shield


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• Information herein is for reference only. The Bank reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to amend the terms and conditions.
• Please refer to announcements, regulations and fee rates posted on the website or at our branches for more details.