Fund Analysis Service

ICBC (Macau) is the first bank in Macau which launched the professional fund analysis system. It provides global fund information from Morningstar. With the fund analysis system, it helps you to instruct the most suitable fund portfolios. 


The Morningstar Enterprise Components Solution for ICBC (Macau) Limited consists of four fund tools:
1) Morningstar Fund Screener
2) Morningstar Fund Report
3) Morningstar Fund Compare
4) Morningstar Instant X-Ray


The Morningstar Fund Screener is a screening tool in HTML format that allows user to search for investments across multiple criteria. The tool displays fund list in a table.


2 Morningstar Fund Report
Morningstar Fund Report in HTML format displays comprehensive fund information of overview, price chart, performance, risk and ratings, portfolio holdings, management information, and fees. When user clicks the fund names in Morningstar Fund Screener, the Fund Screener will navigate user to Morningstar Fund Report


Morningstar Fund Compare HTML tool allows user to compare up to 5 funds across investment features, including price, performance, risk and ratings, portfolio holdings, management information, and fees and expenses. User can access the tool by clicking the Fund Comparison.


Morningstar Instant X-Ray enables user to view the aggregate statistics for a set of chosen investments, including asset allocation, regional and sector exposure, investment style, and top holdings. It can construct real-time fund portfolios and conduct comprehensive portfolio analysis. All it takes is only a few seconds.