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Peony Card Services in Australia

Peony Credit Cards / International Cards Services in Australia

All the VISA/MasterCard/American Express labeled Peony Credit Cards and International Bank Cards issued by ICBC CHINA are accepted in Australia by merchants and Internet Shopping.

The cardholder can make overdraft withdrawals provide these are within the credit limit and make the repayment in RMB (CNY).

The cardholders of the Peony Credit Cards and International Bank Cards can withdraw cash from the relevant ATMs all over Australia. However, what extra fees will be charged depends on the ATM’s of the different bank’s used, the different types of cards and the various Foreign Exchange rates.

You can call +86-10-95588 (ICBC CHINA Service Hotline) or drop by ICBC Sydney Branch for more details.

Peony UnionPay Cards Services in Australia

All Peony UnionPay Bank Cards, (including debit/saving cards, quasi-credit cards, credit cards), are accepted in Australia by the merchants with the UnionPay signs. Some merchants may not have put up the UnionPay label, so cardholders should inquire whether UnionPay cards are accepted.

When transacting through the UnionPay network, there is no commission fee for overseas card-users, and the currency exchange charge of 1% - 2% will also be exempt. The UnionPay will change the AUD amount into the RMB equivalent amount and deduct this amount from the cardholder’s RMB account.

All the ATMs with the UnionPay labels also accept cash withdrawals by UnionPay cards, which include all ATMs of NAB, HSBC, and Cashcard (ATMs in 7-Eleven). However, with CUP cards you cannot perform over-counter transfer and cash withdrawal transactions abroad.

For more information, please dial 1800-649-612 (UnionPay Australian local hotline) or browse on