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Global Cash Management

I. Introduction
"ICBC global cash management services" represent a full spectrum of financial services including global account management, centralized collection/disbursement and cash pool, backed by strong IT platform, a worldwide branch network and professional team. ICBC Singapore branch global cash management services help customers gain an accurate picture of the company's cash position in Singapore.
Singapore and overseas in a timely manner, allocate domestic/ overseas receivables/payables from one location and pool cash around the globe.
Target Clients: Customers who need to manage cash across the borders, mainly "go global" Chinese companies and overseas multinational corporations with branches in different countries/territories.

II. Features
1. Single point entry. Access "one-stop" financial service through ICBC Singapore branch’s single point entry for global cash management in different currencies, languages, countries across different time zones and banks worldwide.
2. Flexible to subscribe. Depending on own requirements, choose products/services  in different combinations to manage the company financial.
3. Extensive service channels. Full range of services is available at ICBC counter, Internet Banking, Bank-Enterprise Interlink and SWIFT.
4. Fast, convenient. Backed by centralized business processing platform, instructions sent from customers are processed in the shortest span for customers to get a full picture on all company accounts around the world, manage payment/collection, allocate funds in order to maximize the use of company funds. 

III. Sign up
1. ICBC and customers sign service agreement to start cooperation.
2. ICBC sets up and maintains system as required by customers.
3. Customer's member company authorizes ICBC to provide services.
4. ICBC opens functions/services for customers.
Service Channel: ICBC counter, Corporate Internet Banking, Bank-Enterprise Interlink and SWIFT.