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User Guide

I. Product functions
Account Management

I. Introduction
The Internet banking can provide a set of services including account information inquiry, downloading and maintaining. Group enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises can check the balances and transaction details of the accounts held by the headquarters/parent companies and the subsidiaries at any time, and get informed of and monitor the fund activities within the enterprise real time. Available functions include account balance inquiry, account activities on the current day inquiry, historical account activities inquiry, bank slips inquiry and electronic reconciliation of accounts.

II. Target Client
This service can be widely adopted. It serves companies scaled from tiny ones to super-large group enterprises.

III. Application Condition
Clients should have registered the Certificate edition of Corporate Internet Banking or the corporate telephone banking at the counter; or have registered the General edition of Corporate Internet Banking on the website of ICBC through self-service.

IV. Sign up
Any enterprise or social group which has opened the settlement account at ICBC can open this service after registering for ICBC Corporate Internet Banking at the counter or online. You can also apply for corporate telephone banking at the counter, and use the account management service of telephone banking.

V. Service Channel and Time
The General, Certificate and SME edition of ICBC Corporate Internet Banking provides 7×24 non-stop services.

★ Click here for specific operation guidelines (see Chapter IV Account Management of ICBC Corporate Banking Manual)



I. Introduction
Online remittance refers to all online services of fund remittance and transfer. Clients can make RMB remittance/transfer to corporate accounts at all domestic banks in a single or batch mode.

II. Target Client
Banks which need agency services of payment and settlement.

III. Features
1. With a wide coverage, corporate clients of any domestic commercial bank can be reached.
2. Various methods of remittance. Instructions of single remittance and batch remittance can both be processed.
3. The function of Payee Name List is practical and convenient.

IV. Application Condition
Corporate Internet Banking clients who have opened account-to-account transfer service.

V. Sign up
No special service is required to be opened. Clients need only to appoint the account number at the ICBC branch.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
Corporate Internet Banking provides 7×24 hour non-stop services.

Ⅶ. Tip
1. If you have only opened the service of fund remittance/transfer to appointed accounts, you can set the remittee account within the scope of accounts appointed.
2. If you have established and also maintained the Payee Name List, you can add or delete payee accounts whose owners have business connections with your enterprise or institution; thus when you commit the payment instruction, you can direct select the payee information from the drop-down menu.

★ Click here for specific operation guidelines (see Chapter V, VI, VII, VIII and X Transfer and Remittance of ICBC Corporate Banking Manual)



I. Introduction
ICBC Express allows safe and efficient instant remittances from Singapore Branch to ICBC's branch in China with the advanced electronic remittance system and powerful network strengths of ICBC.

II. Target Clients
It's applicable to global remittances in which both the payers and payees have accounts in ICBC.

III. Features
1.Covering a wide range of places, and currently applicable to USD, RMB, SGD and HKD remittances;
2. Circulating in ICBC Group, with automatic and timely system processing;
3.Flexible and diversified remittance methods to process separately or in batches remittance instructions;
4. Convenient and functional payee name list.

IV. Application Conditions
Corporate internet banking customers that are authorized to make transfers.

V. Sign up
No special enabling is required, as long as the payee has a cop

★ Click here for specific operation guidelines (see Chapter IX ICBC of ICBC Corporate Banking Manual)


Online Time Deposit
I. Introduction
A service for customers to open fixed deposit account, draw money or look up the account via Internet Banking. Fixed deposit accounts can be short-term, medium to long term.

II. Target Clients
Corporate customers who wish to open fixed deposit account via Internet Banking.

III. Features
1. Anytime, anywhere
Handling time deposit businesses through internet banking breaks through the limits of time and space.
2. Easy to operate and save time and effort
Customers may open, withdraw and inquire about their time deposits online without going to the outlets, which reduces cumbersome operations at the counter and allows easy use.

V. Sign Up
Before transferring money from current savings to fixed deposit, you need to go to the ICBC outlet where your account is opened, then open a fixed deposit account in the same city under your name.

★ Click here for specific operation guidelines (see Chapter XIII Time Deposit of ICBC Corporate Banking Manual)


Payroll Online Service
I. Introduction
Online Services is a service that allows enterprises to pay salaries to their employees and to reimburse them for different kinds of fees through ICBC Internet banking. Available functions include batch instructions committing and instruction inquiry.

II. Target Client
Clients who have the demand for transferring salary to persons or units .

III. Features
If enterprises choose to use the payroll online service, payroll online service provided by ICBC Corporate Internet Banking, they can enjoy high-quality and effective services with the following features:
1. Timely: If the enterprise chooses to use Internet Banking of the salary payment services, the bank will automatically process a number of batches a day through the computer system, thus can guarantee that salaries will reach accounts in time.
2. Privacy protected: Compared with the traditional way of Wage Payment through discs, this service reduces the intermediate procedures and better protects the privacy of salary information. Except the corporate financial clerks, nobody would have access to information about the sum paid (including employees of the bank) to each employee. Moreover, to meet the requirement for inner control of salary management, payroll online service provided by the Corporate Internet banking both achieves that the department of personnel commits the instruction; while the financial managers authorize the instruction yet cannot view the detailed information of payroll list.   
3. Safe: The enterprise, by paying salaries and bonuses through Corporate Internet Banking, can avoid not only safety risks in delivering, transporting and keeping cash, but also mistakes in sending salaries and bonuses.
4. Wide coverage: The payroll online service has a nationwide coverage. Corporate employees need only open accounts at bank branches of ICBC across China to receive salaries and bonuses in time.
With the payroll online service, salaries can be transferred not only to personal accounts of ICBC, but also personal accounts of other domestic banks.

IV. Application Condition
The client should operate the function of payroll online. The payment account appointed by the client must be a primary deposit account or a special Wage Payment account.

★ Click here for specific operation guidelines (see Chapter XI Payroll Services of ICBC Corporate Banking Manual)

II. Risk
Please keep your corporate Internet banking client token and password safely, avoiding risk of account information exposure or fund stolen due to loss of security token or password.

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