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Financing, Deposit and Remittance Business

The financing business of ICBC Ltd., Frankfurt branch mainly provides the clients with short-term and mid-term working capital facility, trade financing, project financing and so on. Our main financing businesses include: import buyer credit, export buyer and seller credit, bill acceptance and discount, forfaiting, project financing, syndicate credit, bank guarantee, etc..  We also provide our clients with "Guarantee in China – Loan abroad" (ICBC branches in China issue guarantee, clients get the loan from ICBC Frankfurt branch) and " Guarantee abroad – Loan in China"(ICBC Frankfurt branch issues the guarantee, clients get the loan from ICBC branches in China).

Furthermore, we also carry on time and demand deposit with favourite interest rate and easy, economical, efficient USD or Euro remittance business.

Based on the geographic and information advantages of Frankfurt as the financial centre of Europe, we, depending on the advanced system and office network of ICBC, will provide consulting service on the trade information in the European market for the Chinese clients, as well as information on investment and trade in the China market for the European clients.

If you have any detailed inquiry, please contact our marketing and credit department, we will service you in Chinese, English, German and French.

Contact person :Mr. Stefan STRATER or Mr. SONG Zhuo
TEL :    0049-69-5060-4732 / 4830
FAX :    0049-69-5060-4738/4758
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