Business Profile

To meet the needs for the rapid development of Sino-Europe and Sino-German trade and investment, take full advantage of the expanded space after the initiation of Euro and provide sound financial services for domestic and foreign clients, ICBC set up its first Europe branch in Frankfurt of German—one of the famous financial centers in the world in June 1999 after strict examination and approval of German Federal Banking Supervisory Office, which is also the second business office of China-invested banks starting business in Frankfurt, and operates each kind of deposit & loan, German and Europe's domestic and foreign remittance, L/C and collection settlement, Euro clearing, inter-bank borrowing, foreign exchange, bond investment, guarantee, credit investigation and other business.

As an overseas branch of the largest commercial bank in China, our branch not only has a solid capital base, strong financing ability in financial market and high quality Chinese and Germany staff, but also establishes a safe, stable and advanced computer business processing system, joins S.W.I.F.T and money clearing network of German and the Euro Zone. At the same time, to ensure the safety of the clients' funds, our branch also establishes a sound internal monitoring system and risk early-warning system.

Since the startup of business, our branch has always held the operating guideline of "being active and safe", taken advantage of ICBC's domestic and overseas networks, actively expanded local market, developed new business varieties, and taken it as our business development direction to meet the needs of clients. In recent years, our branch, together with other members of ICBC in China, make efforts on “Chinese business solution” for all our individual and corporate customers, as well as inter-bank counterparties, to help them start and maintain their Chinese business easily and smoothly. A bunch of product, including China Euro Express (CEE), China USD Express (CUE), Commitment Switch, Cash Management, Risk Participation and other tailor-made  services made mutual achievement and development of both our customer and ourselves. 

With the continuous expansion of Sino-German and Sino-Europe investment and trade, the clients are having more and more demands for banking services. Our branch will further rely on ICBC's strong domestic and overseas network, make full use of various favorable terms, continue creating competitive and latest products and services for mass domestic and foreign industrial and commercial enterprises, and also high quality and efficient correspondent banking business and training opportunities for our bank counterparties.