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Posizioni Aperte

Department:  Risk Management Department
Position:  Head / Deputy Head / Co-head

Job Duties:
Be responsible for comprehensively analyzing and managing the business risks within ICBC Milan Branch, especially with regards to credit risk management:
1.Assist the General Management of the Branch in formulating credit management policies, procedures and methodologies; provide the General Management with suggestions related to credit risk management based on macro market situation, regulatory requirements, banking industry practice, etc.;
2.Perform credit examination on customer credit ratings and credit limits; conduct analysis on industry situation, market trend, operational and financial status of the customer, cashflow, etc.; formulate credit examination reports and provide suggestions regarding the conditions of customer business entry, risk management requirements, etc.;
3.Conduct credit analysis and comprehensive examination on concrete credit business, ensuring the compliance with relevant risk limits; make assessment on the risk pricing in line with internal policies; formulate credit examination reports and provide suggestions on the terms and conditions, financial covenants, risk management requirement and mitigation measures, etc., of the credit business;
4.Take lead in performing the duration management duties of credit customers, including credit assets quality classification, duration inspection and reporting, timely review and renew the customer credit ratings and credit limits; periodically carry out credit risk self-inspections to reveal potential risks of the existing business, raise relevant risk management suggestions and take lead to formulate risk mitigation plans;
5.Take lead in Non-performing Loan (NPL) management, including loan evaluation and loss provision management, dynamic monitoring and analysis reports, raising management measures and suggestions, reviewing the disposal plans of NPLs, etc.;

1.Bachelor degree or above, majoring in economic, finance, or any other related areas;
2.At least 7 years of relevant working experience in large financial institutions with regards to credit risk management and/or credit approval;
3.Comprehensive understanding of the situation of local major industries and major large-sized corporate customers; proficient skills and experience in industry analysis and credit analysis;
4.Competence in organizing investigation and analysis projects concerning local markets and industries, and formulating credit risk appetite in line with both local market practice and group internal policies;
5.Solid knowledge on corporate and financial institutional credit products, including bilateral / syndicated loans, trade finance, project finance, etc.;
6.Working experience in corporate and investment banking business, or cooperation experience with front office in meeting with clients and/or performing field investigation (Preferential Condition);
7.Experience in NPL disposal and loan recovery in local markets (Preferential Condition);
8.Working experience in financing area outside Italy, in particular other European countries; thorough understanding of European market and industries, sharp senses of international business (Preferential Condition);
9.Familiarity with local regulatory systems, requirements and guidelines on commercial banking business; understanding of local credit reporting (Centrale dei Rischi, AnaCredit, etc.);
10.Understanding of overall risk management framework, policy and methodology stipulated by Basel Committee and/or other international supervisory institutions (Preferential Condition);
11.Qualification of Financial Risk Manager (FRM), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), or other international or local qualifications in related areas (Preferential Condition);
12.Skills in cross-cultural communication and coordination, team work, and project management;
13.Language: Italian native speaker; highly proficient in written and spoken English;
14.Age: not limited.