The ICBC Seoul Branch was officially opened on December 9, 1997. In the past ten years, the Seoul Branch has fully implemented its business policy of "suiting the local market, highlighting its features, steadfast operation and sustainable development". With the customer-centered and business-oriented strategy, the Branch has launched a wide array of unique local financial products and services and vigorously expanded its business in the local market. It has achieved a balance between assets/liabilities and agent business, and maintained a healthy trend of development in quality and profit.
In 2007, the Seoul Branch will take the opportunity of the ICBC's public listing to implement its internationalization, accelerate transformation and creativity of its business, and boost itself into a world-class financial enterprise.

Sino-Korean Remittance Express
With the outstanding network and system of ICBC and Korean correspondent banks, beneficiary can receive the remittance in 24 hours.

RMB Pre-Settlement Service
Chinese beneficiary could receive RMB directly. Risk of Exchange rate is avoided and ICBC will offer the preferential price.

Account Management
Open ICBC Jilin Provincial Branch' account, and Deposit, Transfer, Inquiry, Passbook Loss Report services are available at our counter.