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Revision of Branch Banking Business Hours(2020-03-27)
ATM Operating hours during Covid 19(2020-03-27)
COVID-19: We are ready to help - Loan Repayment Deferment Measures during COVID-19 Pandemic(2020-03-26)
Scheduled Downtime for JomPAY service(2020-02-19)
Scheduled Downtime for JomPAY service(2020-02-18)
Fee Waiver Transfer For Donation to Help Coronavirus Infection Epidemic(2020-02-03)
ICBC MYR Fixed Deposit Promotion(2020-02-03)
Revision of Terms and Conditions for Precious Metals(2020-01-13)
Revision of Standard Payers Terms of JomPAY Services(2020-01-13)
Revision of General Terms and Conditions on Banking Accounts(2020-01-03)