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Credit Card Instalments

In order to fulfill consumption needs of the cardholders, ICBC has launched instalments of Peony Dual Currency Credit Card and Peony RMB Credit Card (hereinafter as "Peony Card"). If the cardholder applies for instalments while consuming with Peony Card, he/she would repay the instalments amount each month, which not only fulfills your need for funds flow, but also gives you a new tool for flexible financial management.

ICBC Peony Card instalments have the characteristics of lower instalments startpoint, more instalments choices, easy repayment, more flexible extension, zero-fee for repayment in advance, and return instalment fees when the goods are returned.

★Cards that could apply for instalments
ICBC Cards that could apply for instalments include Peony Dual Currency Credit Card and Peony RMB Credit Card.

★Start amount for instalments
RMB/HKD 600, Dollar/Euro 100

★Customers who have already applied for instalments could also apply for extensions for the remaining amount, only one extension is allowed in one installment and the fees ratio is equivalent to that of the instalments.

★If customers apply for repayment in advance, there is no fee.

★Application Channels
1. When you are consuming at ICBC designated special merchants, you could apply for instalments directly to the cashier.

2. From the next day of your consumption to three working days before the repayment due day, you could call 95588 and ask the operators to apply, or go to ICBC outlets to apply.

1. The sum amount of instalments and fees could not transcend the available credits, and the withholding amount of each term is regarded as the consumption of the current month with interest-free repayment period.

2. If you apply for instalments through 95588, you should bring on your application during the period from the next day of your consumption to three working days before the repayment due day.

3. The current day of your application for instalments is the withholding day of the first term, that of the next terms are the same with the first term. If the next repayment month has fewer days than the withholding day of the first month, then the withholding day is the last day of this month.

4. The points counting regulation of instalments is the same as general consumptions, cumulating according to the withholding amount of each term.

Note: Information provided on this page is for your reference only.  The specific details should be subject to the business operation process as well as the announcements and stipulations at your local bank outlet.ICBC reserves the right of final interpretation.