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Peony COFCO Credit Card
Peony COFCO Credit Card
  (International Credit Card)
Peony COFCO Credit Card
 (Quasi credit card)

I. Peony COFCO Credit Card
ICBC and China Oil & Foodstuffs Corporation (COFCO) partnered to launch the Peony COFCO Credit Card. The co-branded credit cards promise customers all the high quality financial services and exclusive offers from the two sponsoring parties. Cardholders can avail of value-added benefits on the foodstuffs, department stores, hotels at the COFCO places all over the country. 

Peony COFCO credit cards are issued under two brands: American Express-branded Peony Dual Currency Credit Card and CUP-branded Peony Secured Credit Card.

II. Financial Services
(I) Peony COFCO Credit Card --Peony Dual Currency Credit Card

Besides all the common financial functions like dual-currency, cash deposit and withdrawal, spend on credit, revolving credit, the co-branded cards also come with a load of benefits:

1. Long grace period: an interest-free grace period of at least 25 days to maximum 56 days.

2. Buy FX to repay: FX due while spending overseas in foreign currency account can be repaid by buying FX using RMB.

3. Optional PIN entry: You can choose to enter PIN for payment by co-branded card and set the amount for PIN entry.

4. Installment: flexible options to choose from: installment payment to ICBC merchants (POS), installment payment for general spending via 95588 and counter-to-installment.

5. Self-services: self-service at ATM, enquiry, transfer, bill payment, change information via ICBC Internet Banking, or call ICBC Telephone Banking to adjust credit line, replace card or report lost card.

6. SMS Alert: Once you register the service, ICBC will send you a SMS to inform you the change in your credit card account.

7. High insurance: use of Peony COFCO dual currency credit card to pay for passenger tickets will be entitled to get an insurance cover for traffic accident or travel inconvenience provided by ICBC.

8. Binding account for auto-repay: every month before the repayment due date, ICBC automatically deducts amount from your designated account to repay your credit card overdraft. This helps you make full advantage of interest-free period and at the same time avoid to pay overdraft fee again because of missing a repayment.

9. Global services and support: cardholders will gain access to ICBC and American Express' global service network and support.

10. Special travel offers: again, COFCO co-branded cards get you exclusive, special travel discounts and complimentary upgrades from numerous famous airline companies, and free lodging from the star-class hotels in China and Asia Pacific. With this card, you can enjoy a comfortable travel experience.

11. Financial planning and bonus points reward: an e-statement will be issued to the cardholders at the end of the year showing all the spending transactions. The e-statement is a good tool for financial planning with all the detailed and reliable data. Bonus points earned can be used for redemption. Use the cards, enjoy different discounts and facilities.

(II) Peony COFCO Credit Card – Secured Credit Card
The credit cards can be used for cash deposits and withdrawals, interest-earning deposits, spend on credit and self-services. Other functions included are: PIN entry, SMS alert, financial planning and bonus points reward, used at overseas CUP merchants, binding account for auto-repay.

III. Unique Services
(I) Corporate Account Services
Peony credit cards bundled with ICBC-exclusive financial POS is a business card program for business purposes in corporate customers. The staffs use the credit cards for business trips, conference expense, small office purchases and other business activities. ICBC financial POS are used for reimbursements and fund transfers. Use of peony credit card for business purpose offers many benefits. Travelling expenses of the staffs can be automatically reimbursed, financial personnel spend less time, less cash occupied, more efficient in the use of funds and cash management of the company.

(II) Personal Account Services
The co-branded credit cards offer both sides of the world for cardholders to manage their accounts easily, efficiently at low cost. The interest-free period in dual currency peony credit cards and interest-earning deposits in peony secured credit cards enable retail spending automatically repaid by binding the credit card.

IV. Special Discount
The cardholder of Peony COFCO Credit Card can log in the website with the email address used to apply for Peony COFCO Credit Card and become a VIP customer of "", a food shopping website under COFCO and enjoy the VIP shopping price and "free shipping with purchase of RMB 100 at minimum" provided by "".
The user name and initial password of "" members will be sent to the email address entered by the cardholder when applying for the card.  

Note: Information provided on this page is for your reference only.  The specific details should be subject to the business operation process as well as the announcements and stipulations at your local bank outlet.ICBC reserves the right of final interpretation.