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Peony Unicom Credit Card
Peony Unicom Credit Card (Gold China UnionPay Card) 
Peony Unicom Credit Card (Classic China UnionPay Card)
Peony Unicom Credit Card (Gold MasterCard)
Peony Unicom Credit Card (Classic MasterCard)
Peony Unicom Credit Card (Gold American Express Card) 
Peony Unicom Credit Card (Classic American Express Card)

Peony Unicom Credit Card is a credit card jointly launched by ICBC and China Unicom. It has all the functions of ICBC credit card and enjoys the following discounts and services:

Annual fee exemption
The annual fee of the same year can be automatically exempted if the cardholder's total consumption has reached five transactions or RMB5,000 (including equivalent in foreign currency) during the year.

Convenient bill payment
The cardholder can use Peony Unicom Credit Card to pay for China Unicom services at China Unicom's outlets.
Dual-currency card, globally acceptable

Peony Unicom Credit Card is universally accepted at home and abroad; and you can use Renminbi to purchase foreign exchange in China to pay for your consumption abroad.

Abundant and flexible credit line
You will receive an appropriate credit line after successfully applying for Peony Unicom Credit Card and the credit line will be increased in light of your good credit record. If the credit line can not meet your needs, you can apply for a temporary credit line or permanently raise the credit line. You can dial 95588 to raise the credit line by 10% on a temporary basis.

Revolving credit, long grace period
The cardholder can pay for consumption without having to make deposit in advance and enjoy a grace period of 25 days at minimum and 56 days at maximum (except for cash withdrawal and transfer). The cardholder can make repayment in full or make repayment according to the minimum repayment amount before the deadline indicated in the statement. The credit line will be automatically restored according to the repayment amount after the overdraft is repaid.

Wealth management and bonus points
The cardholder can enjoy the electronic year-end settlement bill service offered by ICBC that provides the consumption data for you to make appropriate wealth management plans; and the cardholder can receive bonus points through the bonus point reward and redemption plan.

More services and discounts
★ Zero fee for local cash withdrawal and cross-regional cash deposit at ICBC's ATMs
★ Consumption password is optional
★ Real-time cash deposit and withdrawal and consumption
★ Free real-time SMS alert of balance changes
★ Revolving credit and a grace period of 56 days at maximum
★ Support automatic repayment from the account
★ Support online shopping at home and abroad
★ 24-hour online and telephone banking service
★ Automatic credit line adjustment
★ Year-end settlement bill service
★ Paper or electronic reconciliation service

Note: Information provided on this page is for your reference only.  The specific details should be subject to the business operation process as well as the announcements and stipulations at your local bank outlet.ICBC reserves the right of final interpretation.