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ICBC JCB Credit Card
(ICBC JCB RMB/USD Classic Card)
(ICBC JCB RMB/JPY Classic Card)

ICBC JCB Credit Card is a financial product jointly launched by ICBC and JCB International Credit Card Co. Ltd., also the first ICBC credit card branded under two credit card issuers - JCB and China UnionPay. An ICBC JCB credit card is a magnetic-stripe personal credit card available as a Classic Card or a Gold Card, in two currencies, RMB/USD or RMB/JPY. Cardholders are entitled to many exclusive services on top of all the basic financial functions and services of RMB credit cards such as revolving credit, transfer/remittance, cash deposit and withdrawal, installment payment.

I. Unique Services, Excellent User Experience
Unique services are available to cardholders in 52 JCB Plaza service centers, 9 JCB Plaza Lounge VIP service centers, 15 airport VIP lounges and 2 high-speed rail VIP lounges (JCB Gold Card holders include holders of Supplementary Card, see appendix for details ) across the globe free of charge. 

II. Emergency Assistance, Safe and Reliable
"JCB Global Hotline 24" is a service hotline for ICBC JCB cardholders to call any time when they are traveling abroad and are in need of emergency assistance or help. These services include: information about local doctors/hospitals, information about what you need to do if your credit card/passport was lost or stolen; information about local police office/hospitals/insurance companies in the event of an accident or any other problem; emergency interpreter support related to any of the above situations (English and Japanese only). For further information, please visit the JCB official website at

JCB Plaza Call Center - toll free service:
JCB Plaza Call Center - toll-free number: 

III. Exclusive Network, All the Convenience
JCB Global Shopping, JCB Plaza Web, are JCB websites where discounts and information in the fashion, cosmetics, restaurants, hotels, travel are on show. Cardholders can buy all things online and make the most of fun.

IV. Unique Brand, Exclusive Offers
JCB Shopping and Dining Passport is a guidebook containing the most popular speciality stores with discounts/promotions, restaurants, tourist maps and transportation. JCB Airport Discount Guide is a guide to special discounts and other offers available to cardholders to use JCB card. JCB also provides information about discounts/promotions from merchants around the world as and when necessary.

Fast & Convenient Financial Services
Revolving credit, long grace period
Convenient, automatic repayment through different service channels
Installment payment via phone, POS, counter or Internet Banking
SMS subscription service for balance change alert 
24-hour Internet/Telephone Banking services
Paper or electronic statement service
Bonus point rewards program
Free SMS alert for due repayment
Specific account for automatic repayment

Note: Information provided on this page is for your reference only.  The specific details should be subject to the business operation process as well as the announcements and stipulations at your local bank outlet.ICBC reserves the right of final interpretation.