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Exclusive Services

Just call 86-10-95588 - "6" to access the ICBC premium services. On July 16, 2011, ICBC rolled out a VIP line 4000095588 where a range of exclusive services are available to all ICBC Platinum card holders.

Unique services:
1. Flexible Credit Limit
A service for you to adjust your credit limit temporarily whenever necessary.

2. Assistant Service
An assistance and lifestyle service for you to assign your secretary or relative to process card transactions on behalf of you within a certain range. 

3. Year-end Financial Statement
In the beginning of each year, ICBC provides a summary of your Platinum card transactions in previous year to help you break free from all the hassles.

4. Access to ICBC VIP Customer Service Centers in and outside China
ICBC has opened 150 VIP Customer Service Centers in 94 cities in Mainland China (including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen) and 4 VIP Customer Service Centers in Hong Kong, Macao, Jakarta (Indonesia) and Frankfurt (Germany), where a range of more high-quality professional services are available to Platinum card holders. More VIP Customers Service Centers will be opened soon and announced in ICBC website. For a detailed list of VIP Customer Service Centers, see Cardholder Guide to Peony Platinum Card.

5. Elite Club Account "VIP Pass" Service at any ICBC outlet
As a Platinum card holder, you are entitled to a host of high-end services equivalent to the services provided to ICBC Elite Club Account holders or Elite Club VIP services.

6. "Five Exclusive" Services in Internet Banking (VIP Edition)
Once you successfully apply for a Peony Platinum card, you are immediately upgraded to a Silver VIP customer of ICBC Internet Banking and entitled to the five exclusive services available in ICBC Internet Banking (VIP Edition) - "Exclusive Interface", "Exclusive Channel", "Exclusive Offer", "Exclusive Products" and "Exclusive Services". The "Exclusive Products" are wealth management products issued to VIP customers independently, "Exclusive Services" are exclusive online services provided by ICBC professional teams.

Exclusive Services for holders of ICBC AE Centurion Platinum cards
Round-the-clock Members-only Hotline
Just call 4000095588, follow the voice prompt and enter the card No. of your ICBC AE Centurion Platinum Card. Our customer manager will be ready at your service.