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Services for Discerning Lifestyle

1. Special offers from discount merchants around the world
Your prestigious Platinum card allows you to enjoy all the special offers from discount merchants around the world - premier hotels, splendid clubhouses, elegant restaurants, luxury goods and brands. 

2. Platinum Card Club
Holding a Peony Platinum Card will make you become a member of ICBC Platinum Card Club to enjoy a range of fabulous club activities organized by us regularly. Here you meet all the other successful professionals.

3. Other services for Peony Platinum Credit Card (CUP standard) holders
Four special services for cardholders to play golf, make reservation at golf courses with special prices, offers from discount merchants, services from well-known coaches and reservation for business golf. Cardholders are entitled to special discount on the reservation at 200+ golf courses nationwide. 

4. Unique services for Priority Platinum Credit Card (CUP) holders
(1)Golf Services
Starting from July 1, 2011, cardholders are entitled to special discount on the reservation at 200+ golf courses nationwide and invitation to golf tournament, a range of services jointly offered by ICBC and China UnionPay. On top of this, other services offered by golf courses in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen include golf practices on special days and practice putting green free of charge.

(2)CUP Platinum Secretary
400-62-95516 is an exclusive CUP service hotline for Priority Platinum card holders available from 8:00 to 24:00 every day whole year round. To access the CUP Platinum secretarial services, cardholders call the number, enter the card No. of ICBC Priority Platinum Card and free to make reservation for travel, tickets, restaurant, golf or tennis. The CUP Platinum secretarial services also come with value-added services and multi-lingual services specially for every cardholder.

(3)Tennis Club
Special offers for booking tennis courts, free tennis lessons, free practices and summer camp for teenage tennis players are available in the first batch of tennis courts in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. On top of this, ICBC will organize invitational tournaments in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen for tennis lovers, on an irregular basis.

(4)Red Wine Club
Services from red wine clubs in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. "Red Wine, the Best Life Style Symbol" represents a host of benefits and services for Platinum card holders, that include, red wine tasting party, red wine tours around the world, red wine knowledge training, and supply of limited edition wine.

(5)Ladies' Club
Services from ladies' clubs in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Under the theme of "Healthy, Happy Life for Ladies", here are the services for the cultured ladies with similar interest to find a place to relax, revitalize the body, mind and spirit. 

(6)Shopping guide for speciality stores  
Services for buying from online speciality stores, first batch are the Taiwanese foodstuffs, Taiwanese speciality products and special ordered products. Other online services available are product recommendation and details, enquiry, reservation, payment and delivery, as well as exclusive services and products for Platinum card holders.

(7)Ticket reservation
Services for booking tickets in 20+ major cities nationwide, including the enquiry, reservation, payment and delivery of tickets for performances, theatre dramas and concerts, as well as exclusive services and products for Platinum card holders.

5. Peony Platinum Credit Card (Visa)
Visa Platinum Secretary provides assistance services for cardholders in travel or entertainment, in different languages. 

6. Unique services for Peony Platinum Credit Card (American Express) holders

(1)Butler services
A range of comprehensive butler services including all types of private assistant and home butler services. Cardholders are free to call the butler service hotline (400-8190-168) for: getting tickets for world sports competitions or top-class entertainment events; making reservation for luxury yachts, private jets or testing the speed of race cars; buying luxury or rare products around the world; looking for gifts, souvenirs and delivery; getting assistance service to move to safe locations in case of epidemic or natural disaster. The services allow you to enjoy the superb experience of being a Peony Platinum card holder at the same time meeting your individual needs.

(2)Exclusive travel
Exclusive services for cardholders to travel overseas backed by the rich resources of American Express. The service hotline 400-8190-168 provides efficient services to arrange an exclusive itinerary for your overseas travel or other travel services, for example, arrange someone to accompany you shopping in large world cities. 

(3) is a website packed with discount merchants and exclusive services and created by American Express specially for Peony Platinum card holders. Cardholders are free to logon, view the special offers and exclusive services, or use the butler service hotline to make reservation.

(4)Golf 5S services
An array of 1872 golf 5S services jointly offered by ICBC and Regale Commercial and Technical Company, Ltd., including reservation, golf tournament, golf supplies, information and travel.

Exclusive Services for holders of ICBC AE Centurion Platinum cards

Golf Service
Up to 50% discount on putting green charge from 2550+ golf courts in 110 countries, complimentary invitations to special events and VIP Concierge Services all year round. Whether you are a professional or amateur golfer, you are always welcomed to enjoy playing golf and lush colorful greenery.     

Access to Luxury Providers 
We have negotiated with our luxury providers exclusive discounts that we can pass directly along to you. Our exclusive services allow us to provide you the ultimate in luxury and elegance. For further information, call ICBC AE Centurion Platinum Card 24-hour VIP hotline 4000095588 or login, a website exclusively for cardholders.