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ICBC Elite Club Card

As a member of the elite, you must have excelled yourself in your work and life. Now, you have made another wise choice in enjoying the services provided by ICBC. The investment service for distinguished guest has already displayed your extraordinary taste. This is "Elite Club Account".

It is said that the wealth of an honorable man is attained meaningfully. Sometimes, the knowledge of investment is the same important as wealth itself. We advocate the investment concept of "confident, natural and free" and provide professional investment service for customers with "Elite Club Account" like you, making wealth creating more freedom for you.

Being different is the basis for respect. You will enjoy the treatment for a distinguished guest in ICBC and over 10,000 business offices over China has opened the door to welcome you. We have also cooperated with numerous renowned commercial partners to offer you special benefits and let wealth create more value for you.

We believe that the opening of "Elite Club Account" will bring you a brand new experience of financial services.

Possessing a "Elite Club Account" will bring you honor and glory. Preferential, Professional, Private, ICBC has been endeavoring to follow the 3P motto and provide excellent treatment and professional investment service for you and bring you a brand new experience of financial services.

■ Prior and beneficial financial service – Preferential
• Special line for distinguished guests: 400-66-95588 (available only in Beijing)
Register ICBC telephone banking with your gold investment card and dial this number, you can enjoy the service for distinguished guests provided by ICBC. At the same time, to ensure the service quality, this line has invited financial experts to give advises and trade services to you. There is also a special complaint procedure which is a green channel for best-quality service to meet your individualized demand.

• Special Investment Space for Distinguished Guests
In view of your demand for privacy, ICBC has established distinguished guests investment room for "Elite Club Account" users in over 3,000 investment centers in China to bring you comfortable and wonderful specialized investment space.

• "Green Channel" Preferential Service
At over 10,000 business offices of ICBC in China, you do not have to wait. You can go to the green channel counter with the signal of "Elite Club Account" for a preferential service.

• Various Beneficial Services
"Earning" and "saving" have the same effects for wealth accumulation. In ICBC, costumers with "Elite Club Account" can be free from multiple service expenditure. ICBC also establishes beneficial customer network for you, lets you enjoy discounts in well-known commercial partners and have fun.

• Various Investments Products Are Provided
ICBC provides latest investment product in accordance with your need for investment and help you have more opportunities in having more benefits.

• Journals for Distinguished Guests
ICBC prints exquisite journals Fortune Life. Customers with "Elite Club Account" can get free access to it and enjoy being a distinguished guest of ICBC.

■ Experts as Your Investment Advisors – Professional
• Investment Planning Service

In accordance with the information on your asset and income, and on the basis of your preference for risks, professional financial team of ICBC will make use of advanced fiscal system to provide you with scientific plan for investment and help you have a better arrangement for your asset and a better plan for yourself as well as your family.

• Abundant Investment Products
ICBC provides rich investment products for customers with "Elite Club Account": national debt, fund, securities, insurance, foreign exchanges, gold investment… On the basis of investment, the professional customer manager will also recommend specific investment product for you to meet your demand for investment and help you achieve your goal.

• Timely Financial Information
Professional financial team from ICBC will provide abundant market information on foreign exchanges, insurance, securities and gold investment to help you make wiser decisions.

ICBC also holds financial salons on securities and foreign exchanges irregularly. Financial experts will have face to face communication with you, share their experiences on skills for investment, analyze common myths in investment, forecast the prospect of the market and answer your questions on investment. You can get to know more excellent guests who are also customers of "Elite Club Account" and communicate your financial experiences with them. Online forums in various forms and with different themes will be held to engage you, financial experts and other customers in interaction on the internet.

• Investment Salon
ICBC holds investment salons on securities and foreign exchanges irregularly. Financial experts will have face to face communication with you, share their experiences on skills for investment, analyze common myths in investment, forecast the prospect of the market and answer your questions on investment. You can get to know more excellent guests who are also customers of our "Elite Club Account" and communicate your financial experiences with them. Online forums in various forms and with different themes will be held to engage you, financial experts and other customers in interaction on the internet.

• Bank Management Service
Only an orderly arrangement of your account can make your capital management more effective and enable you have a leisurely life. "Elite Club Account" bank management service provides intellect plan for account management and capital management, and help you enjoy freedom with your wealth.

Comprehensive Account Management
"Elite Club Account" is not only a certificate for your status as a distinguished guest but also a powerful tool for investment. You can deal with deposit, loan reimbursement, remittance, cash consumption and investment with your card for "Elite Club Account" directly instead of other cards and bankbooks.

Integrated account management
You can make the card of "Elite Club Account" the operation center for the capital of yourself and your family, and subordinate other cards or bankbooks to this card. In this way, you may achieve an integrated management for various accounts, improve the efficiency for account management and achieve the goal of "One Card Managing the Property of the Whole Family".

Individualized automatic transfer
ICBC provides several individualized automatic transfer services such as fixed term type and starting point type. This can free you from boring daily financial dealings and enjoy more wealth freedom.

Effective Capital Management
Deposit of Accumulated Interest Plan
Bank management service is to deposit your large-sum short-term capital as notice deposit and execute automatic re-deposit of your capital and its interest with eight days or two days as a cycle. You can have relatively high interest from your notice deposit and withdraw it at any time. At the same time, bank management service can change your transfer cycle and deposit term of notice deposit in accordance with your practical need and help you change the notice deposit into fixed-term deposit.

"Conversion between Fixed-term Deposit and Current Account" Plan
Bank management service can change the idle capital in your current account into fixed-term deposit automatically each month. When the current account is short of capital because of consumption or transfer, the fixed-term deposit will be changed into current account again to meet the double demands of fixed-term deposit's benefits and current account's convenience. (Notice: If the account is short of capital because of your withdrawal from non-ICBC POS or from ATM, then the fixed-term deposit cannot be changed into current account.)

"Reserved Capital" Service
ICBC has permission for a certain amount of overdraft that corresponds with the amount of fixed-term deposit in the card of "Elite Club Account". When the current account in your card is short of capital, you may have overdraft withdraw, consumption or transfer with no interest, so as to avoid the loss of interest for withdrawing money from the fixed-term deposit in advance. "Reserved Capital" service is open upon calling and the amount is available at any time.

■ Personal and Individualized Bank Secretary -- Private
• Professional customer manager
ICBC assigns a professional customer manager for each customer with "Elite Club Account", providing individualized financial services to meet your comprehensive demands for financial services.

• Appointment Service
You can appoint various bank services (large-sum withdraw, fund purchase, etc) with your customer manager to save your precious time. For some bank services, ICBC provides on-door services by our customer manager within specific areas so as to bring you more conveniences.

• Business Reminder
You can contact your customer manager and order following reminding services. The customer manager will notify you in time according to your need.
--Reminding for due deposit, loan, expenses as well as benefits or loss of the fund
--Reminding you work schedule and important dates
--Reminding the birthdays of your family and friends as well as anniversaries
--Information on securities and foreign exchanges

• Emergency Service
Apart from "increasing your wealth", there is "relieving your trouble". When you are in financial troubles, please call your customer manager or call at 95588. We endeavor to help you out with all our available resources.

■ How to apply?
Elite Club A/C Card is issued to ICBC customers of 5-star (inclusive) and above. You are welcomed to apply in person at ICBC designated outlet with your valid identity document. For further details on the outlets, send SMS to 95588 or call the local 95588.  

■ Tips:
1. After becoming a customer with "Elite Club Account", you are advised to keep your daily average financial asset in ICBC above the amount of 200,000 Yuan. For customers whose daily financial asset is below 200,000 Yuan, ICBC will take relative charges.

2."Elite Club Account" is not only an important tool for investment but also a certificate as a distinguished guest of ICBC. You can enjoy the treatment for a distinguished guest only after you show this card at business offices of ICBC for relevant dealings.

3. If there is any alteration on your contact information such as mail address, phone number, and email address, please notify your customer manager in time so that we can timely renew your information and let our information reach you through your appointed contact information.

4. How to keep your "Elite Club Account". In order to minimize your risks, the card of "Elite Club Account" should be placed separately from your personal certificates. While typing in your passwords for the "Elite Club Account" at ATM, please pay close attention at surroundings. In case of any suspected situation, please alter your password at ATM as soon as possible. If the card is devoured by ATM because of technical problems, please contact our staff immediately or call at 95588. Please make appropriate protective measures while typing in passwords for your consumption to avoid others' sight. After the transaction, please remember to bring back the card and the slip.

5. Loss report of "Elite Club Account". If your account is unfortunately lost or stolen, please report the loss immediately. For detailed procedure, please see the chapter on "loss report of deposit".

6. Changing the card of "Elite Club Account". If your card of "Elite Club Account" is damaged and cannot be used properly, please bring your valid personal certificates and the broken card to ICBC business offices for a new one.

7. Dealings with card devoured by ATM. If your card is devoured by ATM, please bring your ID card, the printed notice by ATM and other materials that can demonstrate that you are the owner of the card to the bank to which the ATM is affiliated. If the card is not retrieved within 30 days, the bank will destroy the card according to relevant regulations. During the process of communicating the bank to get the card back, please not to unveil the password of the card.

Investment Tools

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The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.