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China Southern Sky Pearl Peony (Corporate) Business Card
China Southern Sky Pearl Peony (Corporate)
Business Gold Card
China Southern Sky Pearl Peony (Corporate)
Business Classic Card

China Southern Sky Pearl Peony (Corporate) Business Gold Credit Card ("China Southern Sky Peony Business Card"  for short) is the first co-branded airline business credit card in China launched by ICBC in association with another industry titan, China Southern Airlines. The co-brand credit card offers double benefits to corporate groups who enroll as "large accounts"  of China Southern Airlines as they are automatically become cardholders of ICBC business credit card as well as VIP of the China Southern airlines.

China Southern Sky Peony Business Card (branded with American Express) brings with all the functions and services of an AE-branded ICBC Peony Business Card. The co-branded credit card is a tailor made management solution to help customers to put the internal financials and travel expenses under control. On top of all of this, it also offers unparalleled protection and benefits to loyal corporate customers of ICBC and China Southern Airlines including high insurance coverage on traffic accident, travel inconvenience, global SOS as well as discounts at many well-known shops, amongst others. 

One Card Two Currencies, Around the World
Cardholders are welcome to use the co-branded credit card locally in China Union Pay merchants or American Express merchants while overseas, settled in RMB and USD respectively.

Revolving Credit, Long Grace Period
China Southern Sky Peony Business Card comes with a grace period of 25-56 days (except cash advance, transfer). Cardholders either repay all before the end of repayment period stated on the statement or choose to pay the minimum. Credit limit will be automatically recovered according to the overdraft repaid.

Human-friendly Choice of PIN
Cardholders are free to set a PIN if it is required for any amount spending over the limit.

SMS Alert for Account Balance Change, Fast and Safe
A service offered to alert any changes of balance in account via SMS to protect the money in the card. Cardholders are welcomed to sign up the service and set the limit. ICBC will send a real-time short message to the mobile number given once the balance in the credit card has been changed to an amount over the limit.

Full Protection on Business Travel
China Southern Sky Peony Business Card automatically includes a high traffic accident coverage up to RMB 1 million (Gold Card) or RMB 500,000 (Classic Card).The all-inclusive package also covers travel inconvenience insurance (flight delay, baggage delay, lost luggage).

Global SOS Service
A service hotline ((86) 010-64105727, Chinese and English) is available round the clock, anywhere in the world for cardholders checking information before travel (in China), or asking for medical assistance (while overseas), global medical assistance (including China) or any assistance service while travelling overseas. 
Note: In general, no fees will be charged if dialing just for information, but cardholders have to assume all applicable charges and the third party fees.
Multi-level Account Management
Using a China Southern Sky Peony Business Card can easily manage the accounts in various levels. Moreover, ICBC provides different types of account information or expense reports, sorted by levels, for you to track and view so that company expenses can be dramatically reduced. 

Business Travel Savings
China Southern Sky Peony Business Card provides access to even more discounts on business-related programs from conference or exhibition organizing, reward travel, hotel reservation to business entertainment.

Privileged Customers Identification
Each important customer of China Southern Airline has its company name and customer-number imprinted on the co-branded credit card. When presented by the cardholder to buy China Southern Airline's ticket through voice by phone (95539), in person at the airline counter or at authorized travel agency, the company number is used by the airline's reservation system for identification and to accumulate mileages for the cardholder. Rewards will be directly forwarded to the customer's account for all business purchases by the card, as agreement signed. 

Cash Back Rewards and Savings
China Southern Sky Peony Business Card offers the highest travel reward program to important customers of China Southern Airline on spending air-ticket with effective savings. Highlights are: discount prior to ticketing, rewards during ticketing (including cash rewards or bonus mileages) or free tickets), partnership programs cover regional, nationwide or global customers. 

China Southern Airline Privileged Customer Service (available to signed large-account customers of China Southern Airline holding China Southern Sky Peony Business Card)

Round-the-clock Service
95539-3 INSTANT RESPONSE service is provided by China Southern Airline Co., Ltd. Its help desk is ready to serve the airline's important customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week anywhere in the country. Just dial 95539 (press 3) at a fractional cost of a city call and enjoy the services offered by the airlines nationwide. The service include: 24-hour flight reservation, seat-booking in advance, arrangement of special food and other special services. 

Customer Manager Service is another instant response service offered by China Southern Airlines. Highly professional customer managers give undivided attention to each of their important customers and are ready to explain the airline's policy, rules and regulations whenever necessary. 

Excellent Ground Services

Boarding Pass At-a-flick. Another great service from China Southern Airlines where you can choose seat and check in before boarding either yourself or through the help of the ground staff, where a variety of service options are given: city check-in, self-service check-in, hand-held check-in (mobile check-in) and open check-in.

VIP Card Service VIP membership if air-ticket purchases reached a certain amount where exclusive service benefits from SkyTeam Alliance are available to cardholders such as unlimited free access to 400+ first /business class lounges in airports worldwide. 

For further information, click China Southern Sky Pearl Peony Credit Card (Personal).