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Golden Mountain Credit Card
Dual-Currency Business Card(Gold Card)
RMB Business Quasi Credit Card(General Card)
 Dual-Currency Personal Card(Gold Card)
 Dual-Currency Personal Card(General Card)
RMB Personal Quasi Credit Card(General Card)

I. Introduction
Peony Golden Mountain Credit Card is launched together by ICBC and ABOC (Agricultural Development Bank of China). It is the first joint card launched together by commercial bank and policy bank in China.

Peony Golden Mountain Credit Card includes business card and personal card, with three brands of UnionPay, Visa and Master Card, having both dual-currency credit card and single-currency quasi credit card.

Peony Golden Mountain Credit Card mainly faces ABOC and its corporation customers, and creates a convenient and secure payment channel for purchases, sales, and operations activities for corporations, which lowers operating and management costs, enhances the level of financial management, and provides a convenient payment tool for business settlement and personal consumption for the staff of the corporations.

II. Financial Services
Peony Golden Mountain Credit Card is applicable to outlets and ATMs of ICBC all over China, and POS and ATM with "UnionPay" logo. The domestic and overseas branches of ICBC and its powerful telephone banking, internet banking could provide 24-hour financial services for cardholders of Peony Golden Mountain Credit Card.

More Services
★ Optional consumption code
★ Zero fee for local ICBC withdrawals and remote deposits
★ Receiving deposits, withdrawals and consumption in real-time
★ Free SMS for balance changes in real-time
★ Dual-currency card, Providing revolving credit and 56 days interest-free repayment period as the longest
★ Dual-currency card, RMB account repayment by purchasing foreign exchange
★ Automatically repayment account agreement
★ Dual-currency card, Domestic and overseas on-line shopping
★ 24hours internet and telephone banking services
★ Dual-currency card, Self-service amount transfer services
★ Dual-currency card, Year-end financial clearing bill services
★ Paper or electronic reconciliation services
★ Applicable to domestic and overseas special companies and ATMs with logos of "VISA", "MASTERCARD" or "UnionPay"

Note: Information provided on this page is for your reference only.  The specific details should be subject to the business operation process as well as the announcements and stipulations at your local bank outlet.ICBC reserves the right of final interpretation.