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Peony Staples Business Card
Peony Staples Business Card(Gold Card)
Peony Staples Business Card(General Card)

Peony Staples Express Business Card has the characteristics of "control", "save" and "rights", which enables you to enjoy professional services and supports provided by ICBC, Staples and American Express, and fulfills your high-level needs for financial management and business consumption.

Transparent and efficient financial management solution: in order to fulfill the management needs of the cooperation, Peony Staples Express Business Card provides comprehensive and flexible new financial management tools, which provide better supports for you to control over the financial dynamics.

Peony Staples Express Business Card would provide various professional charts, helping you to understand the details of corporation spending, such as the staff business consumptions, consumption industry and main suppliers, which enhances the transparency of staff business consumptions and reduces consumptions that violate the regulations. Meanwhile, you can also understand the consumption information of the current term, and make sure of the budget spending of next term, which helps you to complete a sound financial system and plugs the loopholes in the financial system more effectively.

Peony Staples Express Business Card includes gold card and general card. The financial staff of the corporation could have a flexible control of the credit of different cardholders according to detailed management and staff needs. And it may change according to the circumstances.

Peony Staples Express Business Card assigns professional customer managers for the corporations, assisting the financial staff of the corporation to manage and secure the financial operation, who are your loyal partners and intimate consulters.

Peony Staples Express Business Card provides summary bills, detailed bills and personal bills, which are repaid by the corporation together each month, so that the corporations could have complete control of the capital flows.

Comprehensive and convenient professional service network: the powerful services and supports of Peony Staples Express Business Card bring various rights and interests to the staff.

ICBC provide 24-hour service through over 17,000 domestic and overseas branches and powerful Telephone, Internet Banking system.

American Express ensures you a secure and happy journey through over 2,200 TSO in over 140 nations all over the world.

Various points-exchange plans enable the staff to exchange the consumption points for various gifts and air miles.

Complete financial security and personal security protection provides you with optional consumption code, SMS reminding and other services, which frees you from any worries.

Triple discounts for business travel, business activities, and business purchasing: the exclusive new functions of Peony Staples Express Business Card saves you more money according to the corporation needs.

By various detailed charts and professional statistic data of Peony Staples Express Business Card, you could clearly understand the consumption categories and suppliers of your corporation, which helps you to negotiate with your suppliers to gain more discounts and save more costs.

Through "Double Discounts" of MICE plan, corporations could have extra discounts based on the exclusive price during meetings, exhibitions and award travels. There are discounts for hotel and golf games in MICE plan, and dining discounts in "selective discounts", which provide comprehensive supports to business consumptions. Not only combining global business consumption and local ness, but also saving the business expenditure for the corporations.

Peony Staples Express Business Card exempts you from trivial procedures of borrowing and reimbursement, optimizes of travel and hospitality accounted for the repayment process, which save the cost of financial transactions and improve the working efficiency.

Peony Staples Express Business Card has the function of "consumption before repayment". The interest-free repayment period goes up to 56 days as the longest, which enables the corporation to utilize the bank credit effectively, reduce business costs to advance from the capital and financial costs, improve efficiency in the use of cash flow, and manage cash flow flexibly.

Peony Staples Express Business Card also provides you with large customer contracts treatment services by Staples, one of the world largest suppliers for business supplies, such as 1% customer points payback plan, 20% discounts of Staples copy center, charts of business supplies purchasing management, free agent purchasing services, etc.

Peony Staples Express Business Card also enables you to enjoy all the functions and services provided by Peony Staples Express Business Card,  for detailed information please read Poeny Express Business Card products column.

Note: Information provided on this page is for your reference only.  The specific details should be subject to the business operation process as well as the announcements and stipulations at your local bank outlet.ICBC reserves the right of final interpretation.