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"Chinese (RED)" Charity Credit Card
"Chinese (RED)" Charity Credit Card (Gold)
"Chinese (RED)" Charity Credit Card (Classic)

"Chinese (RED)" is a charity program that takes its roots to the renowned counterpart in Europe and US -- "(RED)". The latter started in 2005 with an aim to engage "Consumer buy (PRODUCT) RED" in the fight against AIDS in Africa. In May, 2008, Chinese Red Cross drums up the support from all well-known product partners domestic and overseas and brings the Chinese version of "(RED)" to fruition. The charity credit card jointly launched by ICBC and China Union Pay (CUP) under the brand "Chinese (RED)", is an ICBC nationalism initiative that engages business and consumer power to contribute to the charity communities.

"Chinese (RED)" Charity Credit Card is a CUP-compliant co-brand charity Credit Card issued by ICBC, under the authorization from Chinese Red Cross. Apart from being a Credit Card with all the conventional financial services, the Card offers a platform for you to participate in charity business through joining the "Chinese (RED) Initiative" organized by Chinese Red Cross. So apply one, use the card to pay for spending, or donate. All the proceeds will be sent to the "Chinese (RED) Foundation" which is to work on the "Red Cross Angel Program" mainly with a focus in improving medical conditions for the rural area, contributing to the establishment of Red Cross Village Sanitary Hospital (Station), training of the doctors for the rural area and offering medical assistance to the poverty-stricken farmers and children suffering from serious illness.

Donate and Give

Whenever you successfully apply a "Chinese (RED)"Charity Credit Card in the first year, ICBC will donate 1 Yuan to the Chinese Red Cross Foundation. Thereafter, for every payout by the Card, ICBC will donate 1 cent to the Chinese Red Cross Foundation. Meanwhile, China UnionPay will donate 1 cent to the Chinese Red Cross Foundation for every successful processed transaction made by "Chinese (RED)" Charity Credit Card. You can also make donation via ICBC Internet Banking.

Revolving Credit, Flexible Grace Period

No need to deposit, just spend on credit within an interest-free period ranges from 25 days to 56 days (except cash advance and transfer). Repayment options include "repay in full" or "minimum". The credit limit will be automatically recovered once you repay the entire overdraft.

Flexible Installment Payment

ICBC offers different options for installment payment -POS (ICBC Merchant), 95588 or ICBC Counter (general spending), mail order (recommended merchandize).

Fast and Convenient Balance Change Remanding Service

An alert service to protect the monies in your account, Balance Change Remanding service can be signed up either through Internet Banking, Telephone Banking and ICBC banking outlets. You can also set a limit for ICBC to send SMS to your reserved mobile number whenever the balance in your account is over this limit.

Personalized PIN Option Function

PIN is needed whenever you use any brand of Peony Credit Card at ICBC banking outlets or ATM, but optional when you use Peony Card to pay for POS spending. Set a limit If you choose to use PIN. Only enter the PIN when the spending amount is over the limit. No need to enter the PIN on overseas non-CUP POS.

Many Ways to Repay, Easy Auto-Repay

The repayment can be made through Internet Banking, Telephone Banking, ATM, self-service terminals, or make an auto-repay arrangement by binding the A/C No. via Internet Banking or at ICBC banking outlets. Besides "Schedule Auto-Repay (RMB)", other available options are "Schedule Auto-Repay (FX)" or "Schedule Auto-Repay (Buy FX)" to help you maximize the benefits of grace period and avoid any monetary loss because of delay payment.

For further information, please call ICBC Service Hotline: 95588 or consult our Staff at ICBC outlets.

Note: Information provided on this page is for your reference only.  The specific details should be subject to the business operation process as well as the announcements and stipulations at your local bank outlet.ICBC reserves the right of final interpretation.