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Peony Gourmet Card

Taking "share delicious foods, enjoy happy life" as the proposition, Peony Gourmet Card is a theme credit card issued by ICBC. The cardholders can not only enjoy the basic financial functions and services of ICBC's Peony Credit Card, but also experience the preferential treatments from special restaurants of ICBC throughout the country. So the cardholders can enjoy the warm services offered by ICBC when eat wonderful foods in appointed locales. There are three brands issued including UnionPay, VISA and Master Cards.

Bumper Harvest
Successive Years of Surplus
Long Life
Vintage Wine

Consumption Discount
Consume in 3,000-5,000 special restaurants of ICBC throughout the country with a Peony Gourmet Card, the cardholders can get discount.

Consumption Feedback
Various feedback activities for peony gourmet card consumer will take place irregularly; during the period cardholders can enjoy additional discount.

Preference Manual of Gourmet Card
Cardholders will get Preference Manual of Gourmet Card updated irregularly so that they can easily know some valuable information like the preferential policies, promotion activities and hotlines of the special restaurants of ICBC.

Revolving Use, Sufficient Interest Free Term
You can first consume, later repay, and enjoy 25-56 days of interest free repayment term (except withdraw cash and transfer). You can repay all amount or part amount in terms of the lowest repayment amount before the due date signed on the reconciliation statement, after repayment all overdrafts, the credit line will automatically restore in terms of the repayment amount so that you can enjoy happy credit life.

Flexible Installment Plans
You can make installment at POS machines of special restaurants of ICBC, or by transfer on 95588 or bank counter for normal consumption, or for mail order of recommended goods, or through many other methods. Enjoy installment payment services offered by ICBC, enjoy your VIP life.

Safe and Fast Balance Change Reminding Service
In order to ensure the safety of funds in your card, ICBC offers balance change reminding service. You can apply for the service through Internet Banking, Telephone Banking or banking outlets of ICBC and you can set a reminding line, when the balance change in your card exceeding the reminding line, ICBC will send the short message to the mobile phone you appointed in real time for reminding so as to ensure the safety of the funds in your card.

Most Personalized Password Option Function
When you use Peony Credit Card series on banking outlets or ATM, you are required to input your password; when you consume with Peony Card, you can decide if password is required and set a line for password input. Password is unnecessary when transaction value below the line, otherwise the password is required to be verified. Password is unnecessary when use Peony Card on non-UnionPay POS machines overseas.

Diversified Repayment Approaches, Convenient Automatic Repayment
You can repay by transfer through Internet Banking, Telephone Banking, ATM or self-service terminal, or apply for automatic repayment - schedule RMB automatic repayment, schedule foreign currency automatic repayment or schedule automatic repayment with foreign currency bought - by transfer from appointed account on Internet Banking or counter of banking outlets of ICBC so that you can make full use of interest free policy, avoid financial loss brought from the omission of repayment on schedule and realize smart wealth management.

Annual Fee Preference
With a Peony Gourmet Card, if you consume for 5 times or RMB 5,000 (including equivalent foreign currency) in one year, the annual fee of the year will be relieved.

More Functions and Services
★Settlement by transfer, deposit and withdrawal with cash;
★Deposit, withdrawal and consumption arrive in real time;
★24 hours Internet and Telephone Banking service;
★Paper or electronic account-checking service;

For further information, please call ICBC Service Hotline: 95588 or consult our Staff at ICBC outlets.

Note: Information provided on this page is for your reference only. The specific details should be subject to the business operation process as well as the announcements and stipulations at your local bank outlet.ICBC reserves the right of final interpretation.