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Make Our Service Closer to You – ICBC Peony Credit Card Upgrades Its Service

As the No.1 bank issuing credit cards, ICBC upholds the concept of "All for Our Card Users" and insists on bringing more choices and conveniences for its customers with initiative spirit and best-quality service. In the year 2007, over 23 million Peony Credit Cards were issued with a total consumption volume of more than 16 billion Yuan. These two numbers broke the record in the credit card industry in China again and consolidated the Peony Credit Card's leading position in the market. Up till January 15th of this year, the number for Peony Credit Card reached 24.5 million, which were used by nearly 1/3 of overall card users in China. In the year 2008, ICBC takes the Beijing Olympic Games as an opportunity to transform from the "scale driven" model to "service driven" model, makes an in-depth analysis of costumers' demand and promotes "new products, new functions, new procedures, new services and new activities" on the basis of integration and initiation, thereby to elevate the service quality of the credit card.

New Products
In order to meet the demand of some customers that travel frequently and have great demand for capital and high-level financial management, on the basis of original commercial card, ICBC developed Peony Express Commercial Card and Financial Unit Business Card. Peony Express  Commercial Card supports the multi-layer amount management function that corresponds companies' framework and provides financial and management information tables of multi-layers and various categories, offers rapid payment for travel expenses and effective management methods for companies' financial reimbursement. At the same time, the membership discount is provided. Financial unit Business Card is a product that ICBC designed especially for financial and budgetary units. It provides a series of convenient services including business expenditure, reimbursement, payment for business expenditure, etc. In the mean time, it provides financial and budgetary supervision information for financial departments to meet the demand of capital management in budgetary units.
New Functions
Aiming at customers' increasing demand for consumption and investment, ICBC promoted the "installment" function for its credit card initially in the industry. This function not only has the advantages of long terms, low minimum amount, wide coverage of currencies and applications, numerous channels, flexible payment terms, various ways of payment and channels, but also prolongs the payment term with free taxes and alleviates customers' pressure for payment, thereby to enable them to have a more flexible arrangement of their capital and more reasonable investment plan. In the mean time, ICBC is to finish the matching of its credit cards and investment products. This means that Peony Credit Card users (with no credit amount) are able to purchase all investment products sold by ICBC including fund, shares, and gold in various branches of ICBC or through electronic banks. This effort further increases the function of credit card products, facilitates customers to integrate their peony card and lowers customers' cost for managing cards.
New Procedures
Under the current circumstances that application for credit card requires a long period and materials with detailed information, ICBC promises to finish the card application procedure within 15 natural days. From February 1st, customers applying for new cards, retrieving their lost cards or upgrading their cards can all receive their cards within 15 natural days from ICBC. This practice has no precedence in China.

At the same time, ICBC launches the relevant service of credit products applying for integrated materials to simplify the application procedure, free customers from the trouble of repeatedly filling the table and submitting credit materials, save precious time for them. This service, targeted at customers that have already established business relationship with ICBC such as individual building loan, individual comprehensive consumption loan, individual automobile loan, individual investment gold account as well as Peony Credit Card customer, has launched "Simplifies Application Table" and relevant business procedure. After customers fill in necessary information such as names, ID card numbers, bank staff can find and print their relevant information. New cards can be applied right after customers add and confirm their information. 
New Services
Improving the service ability for top-level customers is a key aspect in ICBC's upgrading of its credit card services. On the basis of providing networks and phone bank "precedent service" for top-level customers, ICBC adopts the successful experiences of Hong Kong Peony Credit Card VIP Service Center and sets up VIP Service Centers in key commercial cities, tourism cities, and cities with Olympic Games programs in China to launch a VIP Customers Service Network. From February 1st, the first 23 Peony Credit Card VIP Service Center in 20 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou would run into business. Apart from credit cards' basic functions and emergence services, with a view to the tourism wave brought by large-scale international activities such as Olympic Games and the World Expo, the bank also provides tourism guidance, shopping guidance, information and engagement of discount with regional characteristics for VIP customers. ICBC also plans to provide bilingual service from April 1st.

While providing "precedent service" and "specialized service" for top-level customers, ICBC plans to unveil a "Comprehensive Guarantee Service Plan" for certain credit card users. That is, on the basis of existent insurance products in the market, a ladder for insurance service categories and grades is developed in accordance with the product line of credit card. Different credit card products with various grades are provided with corresponding basic insurances, specialized insurances and add-value insurances. Some insurance are automatically attached to the cards, some are provided with a certain amount of consumption volume, some need customers' consumption of certain kinds and some can be exchanged with scores of different standards. Besides, sportsmen that have applied for Peony Sport Card and get prizes in international competitions can enjoy Sport Incidence Insurance as a gift. Categories of insurances provided by ICBC have expanded from previous Air Incidence Insurance, Traffic Incidence Insurance and Travel Inconvenience Insurance to over ten different kinds, such as Health Insurance, Property Insurance, etc. This further expands customers' choices for insurance service, enriches varieties of insurance services and meets the demand of customers of various levels.
New Activities
In order to bring conveniences and benefits to all Peony card users, with its unparallel economic strength, ICBC continuously expands the network for favored customers and launches beneficial and promotional activities with colorful themes. This year, ICBC consecutively launched the score exchange activities, that is, the "monthly travel" score exchange activity and "yearly lottery" activity. From March of this year to February of 2009, ICBC will organize separate travels to 12 regions including Hainan, Yunnan, Shanxi, etc. and instill these travels with themes like environmental protection and donations to endow Peony Credit Card with more social responsibilities. Customers with scores over 500,000 (inclusive) can apply for participation in these travels; In the year end, each customer has the opportunity of exchanging their scores for prizes of travelling in Canada, Australia and South Korea. Each prize has respectively 10, 30 and 100 quotas. In connection with its own characteristics, various branches of ICBC also organized beneficial activities and feedbacks with regional characteristics for their customers, such as "Peony CNPC Card Brings Gifts to You" in Beijing, "Different Gifts in Each Year" in Tianjin, and "Peony Card – Each Month with Gifts" in Chongqing. 

As No.1 card issuing bank in China and leading runner in the market of credit card, ICBC persistently endeavors to improve the quality and ability of its credit card services and bring more benefits, conveniences and values for its customers so as to elevate its public recognition, customer satisfaction and social reputation.

Note: Information provided on this page is for your reference only.  The specific details should be subject to the business operation process as well as the announcements and stipulations at your local bank outlet.ICBC reserves the right of final interpretation.