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Assets Custody Business

As an experienced assets custodian, ICBC can sign Assets Custody Management Contract with insurance company clients, or sign Assets Custody Agreement with provincial social insurance undertaking corporate institutions which have accomplished or been undergoing the reform experimental unit of personal account for endowment insurance, to provide services of assets custody, cash custody, cash clearing, accounting, assets valuation, transaction supervision and custody report.

Advantages of ICBC:
1. Advanced system: ICBC has possessed advanced comprehensive business system, cash transfer system, cash clearing system, investment supervision system, assets valuation system, business checking and supervision system, etc. which can provide powerful technical support for assets custody.

2. ICBC has established strict risk control system. By controlling transaction supervision risk, cash clearing risk, accounting and valuation risk, data transfer risk, transaction data calculation risk, and computer system risk, ICBC can guarantee the safety of assets for custody from clients.