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Asset Management Services for Specific Customers of Fund Management Companies

I. Business Overview
On March 26, 2008, ICBC took the lead to officially sign the tripartite contract on asset management services for specific customers of fund management companies. It is also the first custodian officially launching such services in the field. In November 2009, ICBC successfully raised funds for and launched 11 asset management products for multiple specific customers. As at the end of 2015, ICBC had established partnership with a number of fund management companies with an industry-leading scale of asset management business for specific customers.

II. Target Customers
Asset management services for specific customers of fund management companies target at a wide range of customers, including enterprises, institutions and individuals placing initial assets under custody of no less than RMB30 million for one specific customer, and no less than RMB1 million for multiple specific customers.

III. Scope of Services
i. Asset safekeeping: opening funds account and securities account to ensure the completeness, independency and security of fund assets.
ii. Accounting and valuation: keeping complete and compliant accounting records of fund assets, formulating accounting statements on a regular basis and regularly cross-checking accounts with the manager to ensure the compliance and accuracy of accounting and financial records; regularly assessing the market value of fund assets and cross-checking the assessment results with the manager to ensure the fund shareholder’s timely and accurate knowledge of value fluctuations of its fund assets.
iii. Clearing service: completing capital clearing and delivery & collection of securities in investments with fund assets, according to the manager’s transfer instruction.
iv. Trading supervision: supervising the operation of investments with fund assets according to terms of fund contract and custody agreement.
v. Performance evaluation: providing comprehensive performance evaluation, full market manager analysis, manager style analysis for the client; providing asset market analysis, returns on investment calculation, relative performance analysis, risk measurement, performance analysis, performance attribution analysis, peer ranking and other account-related analyses for specific customers; providing manager risk monitoring, public opinion monitoring and other performance evaluation-related services for the manager.
vi. Other value-added services: providing all sorts of valued-added services as requested by fund shareholders and fund managers.

IV. Advantages
i. Quality and professional custody services: As the earliest commercial bank to deal in fund custody in China, ICBC boasts 16 years’ experience in fund custody, building a solid ground for its asset management services for specific customers of fund management companies.
ii. Outstanding product design capability: As a banking custodian offering the widest range of fund custody products in China, ICBC has rich experience in product design, and its active initiatives in product innovation provide effective support for individualized products for customers.
iii. Professional recommendation of fund managers: As at the end of 2015, ICBC had set up partnership with over 70 fund managers. After long-term tracking and intensive survey, ICBC is able to recommend the most suitable and quality fund managers for the customer.
iv. Multi-dimension and full-process trading supervision: ICBC took the lead in the industry to set up a trading supervision department exclusively responsible for supervising investments. There are professional staff and specific-purpose system to conduct multi-dimension supervision on investments with entrusted assets during the whole process, ensuring the maximum security of the entrusted assets.
v. Advanced and quick custody services via Internet banking: ICBC’s online custody services platform provides such services as document transmission, statement enquiry, equity information enquiry, account details enquiry, net value reconciliation, management of transfer instructions etc. It is a safe, timely and convenient means of communication with asset owners and managers. vi. Advanced clearing system and high clearing speed: ICBC owns one of the most state-of-the-art capital clearing systems in China, which enables express settlement of funds under custody to ensure secure and efficient capital clearing.
vii. Distant disaster backup: ICBC pools all the production data within the nation to the two data centers in Beijing and Shanghai, which share information and provide data backup for each other. In this way, continuous custody services for customers are guaranteed.

V. Contact Information
For applying for relevant services, please contact Securities Investment Fund Division, Asset Custody Department of ICBC:
Contact persons: Ai Xinguo, Deng Lei, Zhang Qian, Su Lijia, Bai Mingting and Gu Hongfeng
Tel: (8610)66105795/5751/5750/5748/5749/4974
Fax: (8610)66105747