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E-Trading Platform for Paper Bills

I. Description
ICBC E-trading platform for bill exchange is an integrated third-party service platform for bill exchange relying on ICBC's integrated bill management system, paper asset custody system and the e-mall platform. As a window to provide service to customers, it can help customers break the geographical restrictions for trading, and realize multiple functions of bill exchange such as independent quotation, trade matching, delivery of bills, capital settlement, information, risk control and transaction management.

II. Target Customers
Financial institutions with bill exchange license granted by the CBRC.

III. Features and Advantages
i. Open and transparent online quotation changes the traditional telephone-based transaction and inquiry, and the information is concentrated and transparent, helping break the trading spread due to geographical restrictions.
ii. Convenient and efficient electronic transaction of bills streamlines the processing procedures of bill exchange, enhances the transaction efficiency, and reduces the transmission and inspection cost of bills.
iii. The increasing volume of electronic quotation and transaction of bills expands the customers' opportunities for bill exchange, broadens the trading channels, and gathers more resources of trading customers.
iv. Strict and complete risk control and monitoring system can automatically compare the list of bill exchange with the public notification information, release real-time warning and prevent trading risks.
v. Professional and comprehensive information services can provide the customers with authoritative analysis reports of commercial-paper market, and help them understand the trend of interest rates and the market dynamics.

IV. Documents Required
i. The customer needs to become a bill asset custody customer of ICBC.
ii. The customer needs to submit an Application for Trading Membership on the E-trading Platform for Bill Exchange.
iii. Other data required by the ICBC Bills Discounting Department and related outlets of ICBC.