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Agency Cash Services ---- Security Guarantee

With prudence in operation and tight risk control measures, ICBC has established a highly centralized and standardized cash service model, and on basis of guaranteeing the safety of funds, set up a cash business operation platform to share with our cooperative banks.     

I.  Agency Safe Deposit Box
ICBC provides safe deposit box service and valuables custody for the principal bank.

II. Agency Delivery and Keeping of Safe Deposit Box
ICBC provides every day service of delivering and keeping of the safe deposit box and the valuables for the principal bank.

III. Agency Cash Allocation and Delivery of Funds Deposited and Drawn at the People's Bank of China
ICBC provides specialized vehicles and delivery services for the principal bank to allocate its fund in the daytime, and to deposit or draw the cash at an adjacent issuing treasury of the People's Bank of China.

IV. Agency Depositing and Drawing Cash from the People's Bank of China
ICBC deposits and draws the cash on behalf of the principal bank at a local branch or at a non-local branch of the People's Bank of China (where there is not an issuing treasury of the People's Bank of China in which the principal bank is) .