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ICBC e Bill Payment (Collection Enterprises)

ICBC e Bill Payment is a unified platform for ICBC bill payment business. The platform provides one-point access, collection through multi-channels, self-service payment, bill push and other open and efficient bill payment services to help enterprises achieve rapid collection.

Services Types
Payment for communications, water, electricity & gas, transportation, education, television, membership of CPC, CYL & labor unions, tax, property management, among others.

1.Collection channels are extended: After the bill payment project of the collection customers was released at the payment platform of the Bank, the collection channels can be extended to the Bank's open website and other six channels, which facilitate the payment while achieving rapid collection;
2.Collection information is put under unified management: The collection customers can unify the management of payment information from different channels through the corporate Internet banking;
3.The new self-service bill payment is provided: The collection customers can quickly apply for new items of bill payment through the corporate Internet banking;
4.Value-added services are available: Initiative to push bills to payment users is supported for the purpose of fast collection.

Step 1: Signing “Cooperation Agreement on Payment Business” to establish the cooperative relationship.
The customer needs to submit business license or registration form of public institutions, organization code certificate (corporate customer), identity document of the legal representative (responsible person), and tax registration certificate.
Step 2: Applying for payment items.
If application is made at the counter: submit “Application for Payment Business” to the account opening bank.
If it is the self-service application: apply for payment items through the corporate Internet banking.
Step 3: The items go on-line. Through the cash management system, the account opening bank shall complete review in three workdays at the receipt of the application.
The collection customers shall apply for the e-commerce business approval if payment via cards of other banks is supported.

Notes: Information provided herein is only for your reference. Specific business is subject to announcements and rules released by local ICBC outlet.