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Account Management Service

Information Collection
We will make scientific plan of information integration according to the annuity program and the enterprise's actual situation, so as to complete the information collection and historical information input orderly and efficiently, and to realize the merge of old and new accounts as well as standard management.

Account Opening
We will open an annuity fund account for each enterprise and every employee, so as to make detailed record of the information factors, such as source, tax, investment, of all the capital through an overall account structure. Clients can manage the asset of their enterprise annuity flexibly through customized account setting.

Daily Management
Payment Management: we will calculate the payment amount and inform enterprises of money preparation; all the payment by enterprise or individual accounts will be recorded so as to ensure that the account is in consistence with real payment; we also support multiple means of payment, such as automatic computing, batch input, and special payment.

Investment Management: we will make detailed record of the information concerning enterprise and individual investment portfolio, and provide flexible selections and transfer of the portfolio.
Income Distribution: according to the contract, we will allocate the investment returns of the enterprise annuity fund to personal and enterprise accounts on time.

Payment and Transfer: when employees reach the payment condition, we will calculate and record the vested benefit of the part of enterprise payment, calculate payment amount and provide the written confirmation sheet, and make the payment according to the payment period and means chosen by the clients. For the mobilizing staff, we will calculate the vested benefit and make the corresponding account transfer.

Property Check
We will timely check with the custodian about the payment data and the asset changes of enterprise annuity fund.

Report Management
According to the terms of the contract, we will provide the management report (including all types of statements) of enterprise annuity fund, and will make customized account management statements for specific demand. We will also submit the periodical management report of enterprise annuity fund account to the trustees and relevant regulatory authorities.

Information Inquiry
According to the contract, we provide the enterprises and their employees with multiple and all-dimensional service of information inquiry, so that all client groups can find the suitable way of information inquiry. It includes:

Internet Banking Services: enterprise and employees can all access to the 7×24 hours' services of Internet Banking to make inquiry about their annuity account information. Individual employee, upon authorization, is able to modify the basic information that is irrelevant to the benefit through the self-service on Internet Banking. We also provide the information transmission channel between individual employees and enterprises.

Telephone Banking Services: enterprise and employees can all access to the 7×24 hours' services of ICBC Client Service Hotline 95588 for inquiring the information of enterprise annuity account. We also provide fax services.

Self-Service Banking Services: clients can access to the annuity inquiry service through ATM and multi-media terminals.

ICBC Branch Services: our professional client managers will provide you with a series of services including enterprise annuity consulting, inquiry, withdrawal, etc.

Periodical Mail Services: we will periodically send you statements, customized statements, investment recommendations, annuity information, etc.

Door-to-Door Services: our client managers will visit you at your location for providing services such as annuity consulting, certificate exchange, employee training, etc.

Archive Management
According to the regulations and policies, the management archive of enterprise annuity fund account will be retained for at least 15 years.