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Trusteeship Services

Collective Payment
Based on ICBC's settlement network across the country and its strong settlement system, we provide our clients with fast, convenient and accurate services of enterprise annuity collective payment service.

Asset Trusteeship
We establish separate account for enterprise annuity fund with independent accounting, daily valuation, and periodic reconciliation, so as to ensure the integrity, independence, and security of the asset of enterprise annuity fund. 

Capital Settlement
Upon the completion of bond transaction by the investment manager, we will finish the on-site or outside capital settlement with the bond registration company or the trading counterpart.

We will conduct accounting of enterprise annuity fund based on the accounting principles that are attached to. The content of accounting include: cost measurement, revenue recognition, interest provision, the cost of carry-over, etc. We also provide monthly the balance sheet, operation performance statement and net worth change statement. 

Asset Evaluation
We make evaluation of the asset under the enterprise annuity fund based on the fair value, which can accurately reflect the true value of the enterprise annuity fund, and calculate daily the growth rate of the net asset value.

Investment Supervision
In accordance with the national regulations and trusteeship contract, we will supervise the investment operation of the annuity fund, so as to ensure that the fund is invested in accordance with the requirements specified in the investment agreement. ICBC will make timely report to the trustee and supervisory authority when discovering problems.

Trusteeship Report
We will make timely reports for our trustees about the operation situation of enterprise annuity fund, with the content including: accounting statement, trusteeship statement, risk reminder, and the information that is required to be disclosed by the supervisory authority.