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Trusteeship Management Service

Enterprise Annuity Plan Design
Enterprise Annuity Plan is the source, foundation and premise of enterprise annuity operation. It is of key importance to design an enterprise annuity program that is tailored to the characteristics of an enterprise, although to design such a plan requires high professionalism. In this regard, ICBC is able to meet the various demands of different enterprises, and provide all-round support in terms of the design, internal and external audit and record for enterprise annuity plan and operation management. Therefore, ICBC helps enterprises to successfully finish the record of enterprise annuity plan, and lay a solid basis for forging enterprise annuity plan in the next stage.

Choosing Annuity Management Institution
To choose which institution of enterprise annuity management is directly relevant to whether the annuity fund can achieve the estimated management objectives on the premise of securing asset safety. One of the trustee's most important responsibilities is to assist clients of enterprise annuity in choosing account manager, investment manager and custodian. ICBC abides by the principles of being "open, fair, just, prudent" and relies on its scientific manager evaluation system of enterprise annuity to choose the most suitable institutes of enterprise annuity management service for different enterprises via its professional Evaluation Committee. Meanwhile, ICBC can also provide enterprises with comprehensive services such as consulting and follow-up evaluation of the enterprise annuity management institution, and the change of institution of the beneficiary's interest upon clients' requirement.

Annuity Management Contract Report
The enterprise annuity record number of the administrative department stands for the formal establishment of enterprise annuity plan. The trustee should take the responsibility of making the record of annuity management contract. ICBC possesses rich experience in enterprise annuity services, and is familiar with the process and requirement of different types of enterprise annuity management contracts. Therefore, it can secure the timeliness of enterprise annuity management contract record through reasonable arrangement of work plan. Meanwhile, ICBC can also offer multiple composite services during the process of management contract record, including memorandum consultation of organization management institution. 

Strategic Asset Allocation
The objective of enterprise fund operation management is to realize the preservation and increase of the property value of annuity fund. Investment management is the incentive of the operation of enterprise annuity fund, while to make investment policies and to strategically allocate assets is the starting point and the most important step of investment management. ICBC is able to make asset allocation strategy based on clients' customized need. Through designing different investment combinations for annuity fund, ICBC enables clients to choose the most suitable investment product of annuity fund, so as to realize enterprises’ management goal of preserving and increasing the property value of their annuity fund.

Supervision of Annuity Operation
During the implementation stage of enterprise annuity fund operation, the trustee's supervision of the account manager, custodian, investment manager and service agencies is an important guarantee for the fund's secure operation and the preservation and increase of property value. ICBC has established complete supervision management system of enterprise annuity, thus being able to supervise and evaluate the performance of different managers, provide evaluation reports and urge the managers to continuously improve their capability of enterprise annuity fund management, so as to ensure the qualification, safety, and efficiency of enterprise annuity fund management.

Processing Daily Entrusted Affairs
The management of enterprise annuity operation involves in multiple management roles and steps. ICBC fully plays the role of the core of the entire operation process as well as the hub of information transmission as a trustee: ensure the operation safety and effectiveness, coordinate the various roles, timely track the multiple steps, etc. In this way, ICBC guarantees the smooth operation and safety of enterprise annuity fund, realizes the preservation and increase of the property value of enterprise annuity fund, and ultimately, secures the interest of the beneficiaries of enterprise annuity fund.

Revelation of Annuity Management Information
Based on the principles of being "adequate, effective, timely and open", ICBC sets up the system of reporting to clients, beneficiaries, and supervising bodies as well as the system of accounting information revelation. We also take charge of the responsibilities of inquiry acceptance, periodical reports, and the timely report of major events.

Annuity Management Consulting Services
During the process of the establishment and daily operation management of the annuity system, ICBC provides enterprises with comprehensive consulting services, which include, but not are not limited to, relevant policies and regulations, annuity plan design, operation management model design, evaluation and option of management institution, investment strategy recommendation, as well as all kinds of information.