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Annuity Advisor

【Annuity Training】
We will provide managers of enterprise annuity as well as all employees with trainings concerning enterprise annuity policy, management and operation knowledge, as well as daily operation knowledge. In this way, we will help enhance employees' recognition of enterprise annuity, and improve the management of enterprise annuity.

Relying on ICBC's abundant information resources and information consulting system, we will provide clients with information about annuity laws and regulations, directions of annuity policies, the situation of annuity market, old-age security, human resources management, investment market, etc. 

【Investment Appraise】
Based on the ICBC Asset Performance Analysis System that was developed jointly with State Street Bank of U.S., we provide enterprises with the performance assessment service for the investment and management of enterprise annuity fund, mainly including: the calculation of investment rate of return, the analysis of relative performance, risk measurement, the comprehensive analysis of return/risk, performance attribution analysis, diagram display and statement printing.

【Monitoring Investment Changes】
We will monitor the price fluctuation of the investment object of the entrusted asset. For example, for a certain bond that the entrusted asset holds, if the fluctuation degree surpasses a certain pre-set amount during a certain length of time, the system will make automatic alert and reminder, so that clients can take timely measures and thus lower the possibility of potential risks.

【Bond Trading】
As the largest top underwriter of T-bond and policy financial bond as well as an important member of the secondary market for bonds, ICBC owns extensive client groups and abundant market trading experiences in the businesses of current bold transaction, bond repurchase and distribution, with its trading volume taking one quarter of the total volume. Therefore, ICBC is able to help enterprises find the suitable trading counterparts and provide services of agency transaction and consulting.