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Global market operations refer to the clearing and settlement of derivatives linked to interest rate, exchange rate, credit, commodity or equity. Global market operations are an emerging business on top of conventional loan market. It includes investment/borrowing (in home and foreign currencies) in domestic and international financial markets, and trading, underwriting and sale of debt instruments. These functions can be undertaken on customers' account or proprietary activities for investment, trading or hedging purposes. As ICBC is overseeing a transformation, the fast progress of global market operations is strategically important to meet the diversified needs of customers, increase core competence and improve overall services. Global market operations need a very experienced team with in-depth knowledge and understanding of global economics. Competition is getting intense from other banks.
With the world economy and financial markets gathering speed, customers are asking for more services. ICBC is committed to a principle of "Customer Focus" to meet the needs of customers for diversified financial services. ICBC focuses on global market operations and trading in order to provide the best services to customers.
During the last few years, ICBC steps up its effort on the products in innovation, enhancements and design. Investment, risk management, debt instrument underwriting are three product lines offering dozens of financial products and services for customers to buy/sell precious metals (via account), exchange foreign currency, trade FX, buy bond, use derivatives to hedge risk, and issue debt instruments underwritten by ICBC.
ICBC's mission is to "provide excellent financial services". Through consistent effort on management and service improvement, ICBC "keeps abreast of the times" to provide more professional, better, faster and more comprehensive financial services to all customers.