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Legal Person Account Overdraft

I. Introduction
Corporate Customer Legal Person Account Overdraft is a type of short-term financing mode ICBC's grants to allow borrowers directly obtain credit capital within approved overdraft limits when their settlement accounts have no sufficient funds to make payments after approving their overdraft limits based on their applications.

II. Target Client
ICBC's customers have large deposit balance or settlement amount but less financing activities, and have intermittent, temporary financing requirements or comprehensive cash management service requirements.

III. Application Conditions
Applications must be in accordance with related state policies on industries, environment-protections, and safety productions as well as ICBC's credit policies; applicants have no bad records in bank financing activities in the last three years and stronger competitive advantages and healthy development potentials; the applications must also be in line with ICBC's credit loan requirements; and the applicants must maintain a fine business relation with ICBC.