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Securities Fund Settlement

During the entire securities trading and fund settlement process, ICBC offers bank-securities account transfer services to facilitate fund settlement between investors and securities companies, fund clearing services to facilitate settlement between the securities companies and securities depository and clearing institutions, as well as fund settlement services for the offline subscription to new shares of qualified investors etc.

1. Bank-securities account transfer service for investors. ICBC and the securities companies jointly provide fund settlement services between the securities fund account and the demand deposit account of investors, allowing investors to deposit and withdraw securities trade settlement funds in a convenient and safe manner.

2. Fund clearing service for securities companies. ICBC has become an important fund clearing hub between the securities companies and securities depository and clearing institutions.

3. Capital verification for offline subscription of new shares. Securities depository & clearing institutions open IPO capital verification accounts with ICBC, and ICBC provides fund settlement services for the offline subscription of qualified investors.

4. Third-party custody of customers’ trade settlement funds: it is a securities margin deposit management model where the securities companies deposit the customers’ securities trade settlement funds with ICBC and request ICBC to handle deposit and withdrawal of the customers’ securities trade settlement funds. ICBC concurrently perform the supervisory function. ICBC has become one of the most important custodian banks in China.