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Agent Trust Receipt and Payment Business

I. Definition
Agent Trust Receipt and Payment Business: ICBC is trusted by trust companies clients and acts for the trust companies to handle the receipt and payment of the trust funds through its operation functions and advanced network and computer technology.

II. Introduction
After the trust companies signed the Trust Company Funds Receipt and Payment Agent Agreement, ICBC can work for trust funds receipt and payment through its giant network.

III. Target Clients
Trust Companies Clients with relevant qualifications.

IV. Application Conditions
All the trust companies clients with relevant qualifications could apply for the business.
V. Solutions
After the trust companies signs the Trust Company Funds Receipt and Payment Agent Agreement with ICBC, the clients may apply for trust funds receipt and payment agent according to the Trust Funds Receipt and Payment Agent Business Regulations and pay to ICBC with regulated agent fees and payment channel according to the regulation.

VI. Characteristics and Advantages
Compared with the agent services of other banks, ICBC provides better services to its trust clients with a combination of its solid financial strength, sound social reputation, huge business networks and efficient settlement system. Meanwhile, based on its agent services, ICBC provides innovative investment and finance services and products with its advantages in trust assets and Bank-Trust Link Products, and secures the clients' funds.