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Corporate Customer Online Unsecured Loan

I. Description
Corporate customer online unsecured loan is a credit-based online working capital loan service made available to high quality borrowers by ICBC. The customer may handle this loan via electronic channels such as online banking, and no documents are required, which makes the business more efficient.

II.Target Customers
Customers which have handled credit-based working capital loan within a year

III.Features and Advantages
1. One-key operation to grant loan: fully online operation, 7×24 service;
2. Revolving use: with a fixed limit, the loan can be revolved;
3. Repayment at any time: repayment at any time with appointment.

1. Medium and large-sized customers with credit rating above AA (inclusive) and having handled credit-based working capital loan for over a year (inclusive) at ICBC;
2. Having made profit in recent three consecutive years. For borrowers who have been in operation for less than three years, they should incur no loss in the operating period and have a promising prospective;
3. The net cash flow from operating for the previous year and current period is positive;
4. Other conditions specified by the lender

V.Application Process
Apply at bank outlets or online banking

VI.Service Channels and Hours

What are the differences between corporate customer online credit loan and general corporate loan?

  Corporate Customer Online Unsecured Loan General Corporate Working Capital Loan
Prerequisite Conditions Credit Rating Medium and large-sized customers with credit rating above AA (inclusive) and having handled credit-based working capital loan for over a year (inclusive) at ICBC; AA (inclusive) or above
Term Limit Cost Maximum Term A maximum of 3 years for contract and single loan, both repaid on a lump-sum basis upon maturity Generally 1 year, a maximum of 3 years; repaid in installment for over 1 year or a large amount when necessary
Limit Based on the borrower's credit status, cash flow, and operation stability The balance of working capital loan of the borrower at ICBC should generally not exceed 100% of its net assets
Interest Computed based on the actual loan amount and term to reduce the cost Computed based on total loan amount and term
Withdrawal and Repayment Manner of Withdrawal and Repayment Revolving or non-revolving, repayment at any time Generally non-revolving, granted fully in one time, no further grant after repayment, and revolving is possible
Channels Internet, self-service, anytime and anywhere, efficient and convenient Customer manager, bank outlets
Business-handling Hour 24h (other than banking business batch processing, system upgrade and capital allocation) Working hours
Time Required Real time Depending on the bank's efficiency
Size Control Size Assurance Assurance is provided for withdrawal for committed online credit loan, and non-committed online credit loan will be granted as priority Will be suspended when no funds are available

Note: The information given on this page is for reference only. See the announcements and regulations of local outlets for details.