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Corporate Information Service

Business Description:
Corporate information service is a fee-based business provided by ICBC to the clients in the form of reference letter, credit standing investigation, credit rating and information consulting etc. at requests of the enterprises or individuals and pursuant to the pertinent laws and regulations. ICBC charges a certain sum of fee from the service.

Reference letter service: ICBC issues bank reference letter at the client’s request and based on the actual facts, to confirm the client’s business contact with the Bank on the entrusted matters. It adopts the “one testimonial for one matter” form.

Credit standing investigation: ICBC investigates the contents and matters relating to the entity/individual being investigated based on the client’s request and within the scope permitted by the laws, issues investigation report to the client and charges a sum of information fee from it.

Credit rating advisory service: ICBC investigates, review and assess the client’s ability and liability of performing the economic commitments at requests of the clients, to confirm the credit standing of the client.

Information consulting service: ICBC collects, processes and compiles relevant economic and financial information based on the pertinent laws and regulations and the market demand, and provide it to the clients or the entities/individuals designated by the clients as a kind of paid services.

Mainly corporate and public legal entities with information service needs.

Service Channels and Time:
Please kindly contact the investment banking business department of local branches.

Charging Standards:
Both parties shall sign the corporate information service agreement upon negotiations. The financial advisory service fee will be collected based on the agreed charging standards.

Information herein is for reference only. Please refer to regulations of local branches of ICBC for further details.