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Perennial Financial Advisory Service

Business Description:
Perennial financial advisory service makes full use of ICBC’s advantages in talents, information and technology and provides continuing financial advisory services for the customers. ICBC provides different service portfolios to the customers based on their unique needs, and price the services based on the service category. Team of the perennial financial advisory service may provide exclusive consultancy services and research consultancy services to the customers based on their needs.

Exclusive consultancy service refers to the financial diagnosis consultancy and financial product consultancy services provided by the customer managers, medium-level and senior corporate financial planners of ICBC. Financial diagnosis consultancy service mainly makes use of the information controlled by ICBC and provided by enterprises to simply analyze the problems in enterprises’ financial management, tax planning and investment & financing arrangement and provide preliminary advices. Financial product consultancy service mainly makes use of the information controlled by ICBC and provided by enterprises to introduce the various investment and financing products developed by banks and other financial institutions and their utilization methods to the customers, and explain the related questions raised by the customers.

Research consultancy service includes research report service and forum consultancy service. Research report services mainly sends the macroeconomic, financial market, industrial development and corporate development research reports prepared by the Investment Banking Research Center of ICBC to the customers; and forum consultancy service refers to the thematic research consultancy services provided by ICBC in the form of “ICBC Investment Banking Forum” or “Investment Banking Customers Salon” on the premise of giving full respect to the customers’ voluntariness.

Mainly the corporate and public legal entities with routine continuing financial advisory needs.

Service Channels and Time:
Please kindly contact the investment banking business department of local branches.

Charging Standards:
Both parties shall sign the perennial financial advisory agreement upon negotiations. The financial advisory service fee will be collected based on the agreed charging standards.

Information herein is for reference only. Please refer to regulations of local branches of ICBC for further details.