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Cross-Border M&A


ICBC cross-border M&A advisory service aims to help Chinese enterprises “go global” by offering diversified products such as deal making and M&A financing. ICBC focuses on serving Chinese enterprises and assists them in locating takeover targets, completing overseas bids, privatization and delisting of overseas companies, attracting strategic investors, and M&A financing. Cross-border M&A advisory services include financial advisory and financing advisory services.

Cross-border M&A financial advisory service: By relying on our domestic and overseas networks across 40 countries and regions and partners worldwide, we provide deal making, privatization & delisting, and strategic investor attraction, among others. We have successfully recommended overseas acquisition targets to Fosun Group, Wanda Group and Shanghai Jinjiang International Hotels (Group).

Cross-border M&A financing advisory service: By exerting our solid capital strength, we can design comprehensive project financing plans, and flexibly employ a wide variety of cross-border M&A financing products (including overseas loan under domestic guarantee, syndicated loan, M&A loan, M&A fund, and overseas bond underwriting) to help Chinese enterprises “go global”.

Applicable Targets:

1. Chinese enterprises with demand for overseas acquisitions;

2. Overseas enterprises interested in selling equity or assets to Chinese enterprises;

3. Enterprises hoping to delist from overseas capital markets through privatization and seek listings on the domestic A-share market.

Charging Standards:

Through negotiation, both parties enter into a cross-border M&A financial advisory service agreement. The financial advisory service charge will be collected based on the agreed charging standard.


The information contained herein is for reference only. Please refer to the regulations of local branches of ICBC for further details.