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Financial Restructuring Advisory Service


Financial restructuring advisory service is a kind of investment banking services that ICBC accepts the entrustment of enterprises, and helps the enterprises a) develop customized debt restructuring plans based on thorough due diligence investigation, b) carry out the abovementioned plans, and c) complete the debt restructuring negotiation, selection of strategic investors and signing of the debt restructuring agreements etc.

Applicable Targets:

Companies in financial difficulties or with debt restructuring needs.

Product Features:

ICBC enjoys immense brand value and market influence in the global banking industry; the Investment Banking Department of ICBC has a full range of traditional and innovative products/services; and the debt restructuring team boasts abundant experiences.

Typical Cases:

Debt restructuring of China National Erzhong Group Co.,Shandong Helon, Wuxi Suntech and Xinjiang Tiansheng Industrial Limited Company.

Handling Conditions:

Enterprises shall cooperate with the debt restructuring team in finishing the preliminary due diligence investigation so as to complete the project establishment.

Service Channels:

Please contact competent departments of the investment banking business of local branches.

Charging Standards:

Both parties shall sign the debt restructuring financial advisory service agreement through negotiations. The financial advisory service fee will be collected based on the agreed charging standards.


The information contained herein is for reference only. The right of final interpretation shall be vested in Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited. Please refer to the announcements and regulations of local branches of ICBC for further details.