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Innovative Investment Banking Services

Investment Banking Product Distribution Advisory Service

ICBC's investment banking product distribution advisory service is designed to help customers design, optimize and introduce trust plan, asset management plan, fund investment plan and other types of investment banking products based on their demands. It also realizes product distribution by arranging other banks, brokers and other types of distributors or allows qualified investors to match directly.
Under this service, we can strengthen the fundraising and project operation capabilities of our investment banking system, by boosting the direct deal-making service capacity for investment banking and enhancing the development of fundraising channels of outside distribution partners.

Applicable Targets:
Major projects which needs relatively large amount of financing or can be completed through the internal and external collaboration; partners include various types of funding providers or financial product distributors, including banks, brokers, fund companies, trust institutions, third-party wealth managers, institutional investors and high-end investors of all types.

Service Content:
Project optimization and recommendation, product design and optimization, product distribution arrangement, direct product deal-making advisory and other related advisory services.

Charging Standards:
Through negotiation, both parties enter into an investment banking distribution advisory service agreement. The distribution advisory service charge will be collected based on the agreed charging standard.

By leveraging our advantages in terms of customer, network, capital and brand, we can effectively consolidate internal and external funding channels and project resources, and better meet customer demands through innovation of investment banking products.

The information contained herein is for reference only. Terms and conditions are subject to regulations issued by the local ICBC branch.

Investment Banking Integrated Services

It aims to be an integrated provider and major bank of investment banking service for customers. As a major coordinator and initiator, it integrates and subcontracts internal and external investment banking services so as to provide enterprises with a comprehensive, all-around, multilevel and sustained investment banking services, as well as meet the demands for all-around investment bank services of enterprises in various stages or specific projects.

Service Targets:
Customers who demand various and complicated investment banking services, or those whose investment or financing amount is large; or customers who seek long-term comprehensive advisory services of investment banking provided by ICBC.

Service Items: 
Services include but not limited to investment advisory, equity financing advisory, debt financing advisory, asset management advisory, listing advisory, legal and financial advisory, business and management advisory, M&A advisory, financial restructure advisory, investment banking products distribution advisory and other innovative services.

Both parties shall sign Investment Banking Integrated Services upon negotiation. The advisory fees of integrated services will be charged according to the agreed standard.

Service Advantages:
Investment banking integrated services are backed up by the brand influence and market appeal of ICBC. ICBC first undertakes the customer’s demand for all-around investment banking services and then subcontracts them. It also provides the customer with a package of investment banking services by gathering internal and external products, financial institutions and other partners and intermediaries based on demands so as to lower customer’s cost of research and enhance customer service experience.

The information contained herein is for reference only. Terms and conditions are subject to regulations issued by the local ICBC branch.