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Domestic Factoring

I. Introduction
ICBC’s integrated financial services provided to small enterprises, who assign the receivable to ICBC generated from selling goods, providing services or out of other reasons. ICBC extends loans against the receivable supplied, performs due diligence and manages the receivable.

II. Target Clients
Enterprises running normal business, with good management on account receivables, stable business with the downstream purchasers.

III. Features and Advantages
1. Very simple procedures, loans or other factoring services are available if contracts, invoices or other documents can be produced;
2. Free up capital that is stuck in account receivables, collect receivables in advance, improve cash flow;
3. Flexible conditions, in case not qualified, easy access to loan on the back of good credit of the counterparty;
4. High loan amount, up to equal amount of account receivables if the business relationship is stable, both the purchaser and supplier have good credit;
5. Full range of services, factoring can be hidden, open, with/without recourse.

IV. Application Conditions
1. Loan card issued by the People's Bank of China and registered under administrative department of industrial and commerce (except where not required by People's Bank of China). Annual inspection has been completed;
2. Borrower and purchaser open primary settlement account or general settlement account in ICBC, with good credit;
3. Normal production, good product quality, good services, stable business relationship with the purchaser, good record of fulfilling contract requirements;
4. Good management on account receivables, good portfolio, minimal bad debt, able to buy back account receivables if necessary;
5. Purchaser has sound business, sufficient cash flow, able to repay debt, no intention to delay payment, no other bad credit history;
6. Account receivables generated from selling goods or providing services to corporate companies, public corporate entities, government or army;
7. Clear ownership of account receivables, not transferred or pledged, both supplier and buyer not yet agree on the transfer. 

Note: Information herein is for reference only. Refer to the announcements and regulations of local branches for further details. ICBC reserves the final right of interpretation.