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Online Financial Management Software

I. Introduction
Online financial management software is an online ERP financial management service which mainly includes online ERP financial management, online ERP marketing, online custom financial software, online financial software management, inquiry on instructions of online financial software. 

II. Target Client
Clients who have opened the Corporate Internet Banking Standard Edition or the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Edition.

III. Features
Online ERP does not require installation of any software, or any maintenance, which fulfills that accounting can be conducted without a professional accountant. Clients can enjoy the ERP services by simply logging on the Internet, which inform clients of the latest inventory status and integrate financial management and business operation management.

IV. Sign up
1. Self-service opening
Registered clients of Corporate Internet banking can log onto the website of ICBC corporate Internet banking, and open the service under the column of "Online Financial Management Software ".
2. Opening at the counter
The teller at the counter can also help you open the service of online financial management software.

V. Service Channel and Time
Corporate Internet Banking provides 7*24 hour non-stop services.

Ⅵ. Considerations
Such services as payment through Internet banking within the ICBC system and agency salary payment can only be used with the general Xin'an certificate or the general CFCA certificate of ICBC.

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