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Bill Custody

I. Introduction 
Bill custody refers to services that ICBC registers and keeps the bills as agent of the client, and accepts such applications as bill discounting, bill pledge, collection of payment and bill centralization.   
Online bill custody can be divided into two main services, online management of bills information and bill custody, which can well serve the needs of group companies for registering and inquiring about the information of bills held by the headquarters and the subsidiaries, bill discounting, bill pledge, bill transfer and bill collection.

II. Target Client
Group clients who have a large number of bills to manage, and need to monitor and management the bills held by the subsidiaries.

III. Features
1. Centralized management of bills information  
Online bill custody can help group enterprises to achieve centralized management of bills within the group. The client can be fully informed of information not only about their bank accounts but also about bills held by its subsidiaries, which enriches the corporate financial information and accelerates the update.   
2. Electronic operation on bill circulation 
The client can apply online for bill discounting, bill transfer, bill pledge and bill collection with the bank being the agent, which greatly simplified bill processing and reduces burdens of the corporate financial clerks.

IV. Application Condition
Group clients of ICBC corporate Internet banking

V. Sign up
Group clients of ICBC corporate Internet banking can all use the service of bills information management, and need not open it specially. For group clients who need to open the bill custody service, the application procedures are as follows:   
1. The headquarters of the group shall sign the ICBC Group Client Bill Custody Service Agreement with ICBC. 
2. The headquarters of the group shall fill out the Application Form for ICBC Group Clients to Open Bill Custody Service and the Application Form for Internet Banking Corporate Clients to Modify Items. 
3. The headquarters of the group shall, according to the agreement signed with ICBC, notify its subsidiaries to fill out the Application Form for ICBC Group Clients to Open Bill Custody Service at their account opening ICBC branches, where they shall open the service and sign the Authorization Letter for Bill Custody.
4. The appointed handler's ID card and its copy must be presented.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
The Corporate Internet Banking Certificate Edition provides 7×24 hour non-stop services.

Ⅶ. Considerations
1. Bills in the "Bill Custody" refer to both bank acceptance bills and commercial acceptance bills.
2. After the client opens the bill custody service, the bills information he acquires from Internet banking is only what ICBC has registered. When exercising the rights on a bill, the client needs also to prove the truth of the bill.
3. After the client commits such bills processing instructions (for example, bill discounting, bill pledge, bill transfer and bill collection), his account opening branch will notify him to send employees to complete necessary procedures at the counter.

Responsibility Statement: The contents on this page are for reference only. The ultimate power of interpretation is under the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited. For part of the contents, notice and specific regulations of local branches shall prevail.