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Housing Provident Fund

This is an ICBC service for you to pay contribution to housing provident fund or housing subsidy, and check account details via Corporate Internet Banking.

II. Features
A convenient service for you to complete banking activities on housing provident fund, check account and pay contributions to the fund, all online via Corporate Internet Banking. 

III. Target Clients
Corporate customers who have signed up provident fund services in ICBC.

IV. Conditions
Must sign up ICBC Corporate Internet Banking first.

Housing Provident Fund: A long-term housing deposit fund collected from employers and their employees.  Individual staff during employment period and the company pay contributions to the fund in a certain ratio. The fund is owned by the staff and managed under special account.

Housing subsidy: Subsidy released by the company to individual staff specially for buying house under the "Monetization of Housing Distribution" The subsidy is owned by the staff and managed under special account.

Payment contribution: Company or individual pay contribution to provident fund for individuals.

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