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Online Funds

I. Introduction
Online funds services refer to services of funds purchase and sales ICBC provides to corporate clients through Internet Banking. You can conduct such operations as subscribing, purchasing, redeeming and inquiring information about funds.

II. Target Client
This service mainly targets corporate clients with short-term idle funds who need to enhance the efficiency of fund operation and to increase investment income.

III. Features
1. Flexible usage of fund, easy financial management. With online funds services, clients can purchase and sell funds online through self-service, which helps the client to reduce idle funds and maximize the earnings of funds.
2. Simple application processes, easy operations: Clients need only to go to the account opening branch to register for corporate Internet banking and open the funds services to trade funds. You can conduct such operations as subscribing, purchasing, redeeming and inquiring information about funds.
3. User-friendly, considerate services. Online funds services allow clients to "set up automatic reinvestment" and "revoke the order on the current day". If the client chooses to "set up automatic reinvestment", fund dividends will be transferred into the fund units as net fund asset and be reinvested, which simplifies the client's operations. If the client chooses to "revoke the order on the current day", he can cancel orders submitted on the current day (subscription, purchase, redemption).

IV. Application Condition
Clients of the Corporate Internet Banking Certificate Edition.

V. Sign up
1. The client should fill out and submit the ICBC Corporate Internet Banking Client Registration Application Form, the ICBC Corporate Internet Banking Client General Card (Gold card) Certificate Application Form, and the funds Service Application Form.
2. ICBC will open the service for the client.
3. The service is available.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
The Corporate Internet Banking Certificate Edition provides 7x24 hour non-stop services.

Ⅶ. Demo
For the service demonstration, please here. Enter "Investment and Financial Management"->"Funds services".

Ⅷ. Market Quotes
Click www.icbc.com.cn to learn more about fund products.

Ⅸ. Considerations
1. The client must first open a General (Gold) card certificate to open the online funds services.
2. The client's account for funds trading must be an account for general transfers.
3. Funds can be redeemed only if the client is authorized. Thus for corporate Internet banking clients who have only a client certificate, you need to apply for a client certificate with authority to redeem funds.

Ⅹ. Definition
1. Funds subscription: The investor subscribes funds from funds managers within period of offering.
2. Funds purchase: The investor purchases funds from funds managers during the funds' duration.
3. Funds redemption: The investor redeems funds from funds managers during the funds' duration.
4. Set up automatic reinvestment: The investor can select the way to deal with the fund dividends, i.e., whether to acquire the dividends directly, or to transfer the dividends into assets for purchasing fund shares. 
5. Revoke the order on the current day: The investor can cannel the orders submitted on the current day (subscription, purchase, redemption).
6. Orders inquiry: The investor can inquire about the fund's code, value of per fund share, subscription code, transaction details on the current day, transaction details in history, and the confirmation of fund transaction.

Ⅺ. Risk
Whether the transaction is concluded is subject to the confirmation of the funds company. Before the transaction, clients should be fully aware of the risks inherent in funds trading, including policy risk, price risk, interest rate risk, communication system security risk and network security risk. ICBC will take no liability for adverse consequences caused by the risks listed above.

Responsibility Statement: The contents on this page are for reference only. The ultimate power of interpretation is under the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited. For part of the contents, notice and specific regulations of local branches shall prevail.