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Personal Internet Banking (Customized Version)

I. Introduction
The Customized Version of Personal Internet Banking uses Web2.0 technologies and is specially for you. You can have the internet banking homepage with your own desktop shortcuts, start menu.

II. Target Clients
All registered customers of Personal Internet Banking.

III. Features and Advantages
1. Simple, easy to use: Shortcuts on the desktop, icon-based navigation menus and window-based user interfaces allow you to browse faster, smarter and better.
2. Stylish, customized: The customized version uses similar Windows desktop display and modular steps. By using new desktop interface, you can drag and pull frequently-used functions, transaction snapshots, themes and functions to create your own personalized view, easy, trendy, and cool.

IV. Application Conditions
To register, supply your valid identity document and local ICBC bank card or passbook.

V. Operation Guide
Logon Personal Internet Banking, choose "Customized Version". Next time you logon ICBC will display your custom home page.

VI. Considerations
1. ICBC provides services for customized version and standard edition at the same time. During logon, you can choose your Internet Banking or standard edition.
2. The customized version only supports ie7 or above, also Safari, Firefox and Chrome.
3. When you logon customized version for the first time, download IE ActiveX for full screen display to get the best browsing result.
4. Up to 30 frequently-used functions to display.

Information herein is for reference only. Refer to the announcements and regulations of local branches for further details.