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Personal Internet Banking—VIP Version

I. Introduction
Personal Internet Banking—VIP version is an Internet Banking service promoted by ICBC under the current framework of banking system exclusively for the premium online clients of ICBC Personal Internet Banking. In addition to the functions and services available in Personal Internet Banking—account inquiry, transfer and remittance, donation, Fund Investment, T-bond, gold, FX and wealth management products, this new service offers special channel, service area, premium services, products and rate to all VIP members. At the present, Personal Internet Banking—VIP Version consists of three classes: "member", "Silver member" and "Golden member".

II. Target Client
Mid-range or top-tier customer groups sign up Personal Internet Banking. Personal Internet Banking customers of five-star or holding Elite Club Account /Gold Credit Card are members. Six-star customers or holding Platinum Card/Caifu Card are silver members. Seven-star customers or private banking customers are gold members.

III. Features
Personal Internet Banking—VIP Version offers special services for members, including Designated Service Channels, Designated Service Areas, Designated Services, Designated Products, and Designated Discounts.
1. Designated Service Channels: ICBC Internet Banking—VIP Version has designated logon entrance as well as designated back-end server. Clients logon through the designated service channels to connect more quickly and more smoothly when using the Internet Banking.
2. Designated Service Areas: ICBC has re-designed and modified the service interface of its Internet Banking—VIP Version to form the Internet Banking service areas designed to the Internet Banking—VIP Version to create the experiences of privilege as well as honor for the clients.
3. Designated Services
ICBC offers two designated service areas for the clients of ICBC Internet Banking—VIP Version specifically to demonstrate clients' honorable status:
(1)Customized logon ID. Clients of ICBC Internet Banking—VIP Version can apply for a customized logon ID to facilitate their logon to ICBC Internet Banking—VIP Version.
(2)Online customer service. Dedicated ICBC customer managers communicate with VIP members through instant messaging over the internet, in real-time by text or video.
(3) Door Service: when members log on the welcome page, it will display door membership prompt messages, including information such as membership ID, membership class, new products and favorable terms.
4. Designated Products
ICBC has created customized designated investment financing products for clients of ICBC Internet Banking—VIP Version. The designated investment financing products will seek the best balance point between earnings and risks.
5. Designated Discounts
ICBC offers eight designated discounts for the members of Internet Banking—VIP Version. The members will be provided with discounts higher than regular clients for transactions such as funds purchases, E-Transfer (including ICBC remittances and inter-bank remittances), overseas remittances, Tuition Payment, etc. The higher a member's level I, the higher a discount rate is.

IV. Application Condition
ICBC customers of five-star or above, or private banking customers, or customers holding Elite Club Account, Platinum Card, Caifu Card or Gold Credit Card, and have already signed up ICBC Personal Internet Banking.

V. Sign up
1. Personal Internet Banking customers of five-star or holding Elite Club Account or Gold Credit Card are automatically the members of Personal Internet Banking (VIP).
2. Personal Internet Banking customers of six-star or holding Platinum Card or Caifu Card are automatically the silver members of Personal Internet Banking.
3. Personal Internet Banking customers of seven-star or private banking customers are automatically the gold members of Personal Internet Banking.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
VIP Personal Internet Banking provides you with 7×24 hours of round-the-clock services.

Ⅶ. Risks
1. After using Internet Banking each time, please click the "Secure Log Out" button on the up-right part of the page to terminate the use, and meanwhile remove the USB-Shield and keep it safely.
2. When processing payment for online shopping, please do not open the remote assistance features of tools such as operating system, MSN and QQ. Please only confirm the payment after checking the payment sum and the order sum.
3. When you log on Internet Banking and process online payment, please be careful to avoid fraudulency of fake ICBC website. In order to help you identify fake website, ICBC provides you with anti-fishing website security control, which you can download and install.
4. If you use the business models of "USB-Shield + SMS Verification" or "E-Banking Code Card + SMS Verification", please carefully check whether the SMS codes, payee account and trade amount is in accordance with the current transaction.

Responsibility Statement: The contents on this page are for reference only. The ultimate power of interpretation is under the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited. For part of the contents, notice and specific regulations of local branches shall prevail.