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Mobile Banking (WAP)

I. Introduction
Personal Mobile Banking (WAP) is a range of electronic banking services available through mobile communication network based on WAP technology. These are financial services for mobile users to check accounts, make transfer, pay bills or spending, as well as wealth management. Personal Mobile Banking (WAP) services are convenient, easy to apply, with rich functions, safe and reliable. Main details are as below:
(I) Manage Account
A group of functions for checking balance, intra-day or history details, salary details, maintenance of registration cards, reporting lost accounts, setting default accounts, "my housing provident fund" and general bank A/C services.
(II) Transfer/Remittance
A group of functions for transfer or remittance: ICBC remittance, inter-bank remittance, remittance to E-mail/mobile No., fixed deposit, call deposit, bills for payment or collection, transfer of own FX, maintain "My Payees", My Payees in Internet Banking, My Payees in Telephone Banking.
(III) Personal Loan
A function for applying pledge loan, checking unsettled loan contracts, certificate of indebtedness, repayment plan and amount repaid.
(IV) Bill Payment
A function for you to look up your utility bills: communication, water, electricity, gas. You can submit instructions during non banking hours to schedule your bill payment. ICBC will process your bill payment during banking hours. Once the payment is successful, you can save the information in "My Payment Items". If necessary, go to "Mobile Banking - Bill Payment" to sign, check or cancel the auto-pay agreement.
(V) Mobile Stock
Use this function to look up stock news in Shanghai Stock Exchange or Shenzhen Stock Exchange, or click "Subscribe My Stock" and enter the stock code to subscribe or delete the stocks. Click "Third Party Depositary" to transfer money between accounts in ICBC and securities companies and look up relevant transactions. Moreover, there are links to brokers' WAP access points for trading of stocks.
(VI) Fund
A service for you to look up details of a fund (including: code, name, type, NAV, and history NAV) by fund company, fund type, fund code and selected fund, or set funds as selected funds that should be watched closely. More speedy functions include purchase of fund, subscription, fund investment plan, redemption, cancellation, enquiry on balance and history details.
(VII) T-Bond
A group of functions for the purchase and enquiry of savings T-bond (certificate) and book-entry T-bond. Functions available for savings T-bond (certificate) are information enquiry, buying or redemption, and enquiry on the balance of T-bond. Functions available for book-entry T-bond include details checking, opening of custody A/C, buying/selling, enquiry on transaction balance and details.
(VIII) Foreign Exchange
A range of functions for checking real-time exchange rates (including: bid price, ask price, median price, highest price, lowest price) under the conditions by base position, cross position, stated position or by your choice of exchange rate. Customers are free to buy/sell or place orders (including profit-making, stop-loss, two-way, additional) using spot rate. Other functions include the enquiry on account balance and trading details.
(IX) Precious Metal
A range of functions for you to trade precious metal via account: two-way orders, regular investment on precious metal via account, physical precious metal, deferred settlement of physical precious metal and gold accumulation. Also functions for checking real-time prices (RMB/USD) of gold, silver, platinum or palladium (including: bank bid price, bank ask price), buying/selling for immediate delivery or placing orders (including profit-making, stop-loss, two-way). You can also trade precious metal via account in two-way: sell first to open position, then buy back to close position, or set up a plan for regular investment on precious metal via account.
(X) ICBC Wealth Management
ICBC wealth management includes wealth management services and financial products. "Wealth management services" are services for customers to sign, check and manage Super Express Investment agreement and T+0 agreement. "Financial products" are functions for customers to buy, redeem, cancel orders, as well as checking the financial products on hand and transaction details.
(XI) Schedule Cash Withdrawal
A function for you to arrange a date for cash withdrawal. Once successfully scheduled at Mobile Banking (WAP), mark down the schedule code and dynamic password provided. After that, you can draw cash at ATM without using bank card. This function also allows you to view and manage the schedule. If no cash withdrawal on the scheduled date, go to "My Schedule" to cancel the schedule.
(XII) Bank-Futures Account Transfer
A mobile service for futures investor ("investor") to transfer money via Mobile Banking (WAP) in real time between the settlement accounts in ICBC matched with the margin A/C in futures company. Futures company makes necessary real-time adjustment on the balance of the investor's A/C in the futures company according to the changes in his/her margin A/C. The purpose is to offer speedy settlement of futures transactions.
(XIII) Personal Exchange Settlement and Sale
A function for you to use counter-registered card to exchange small amount of foreign currency within the limit via Mobile Banking (WAP), and check the details online.
(XIV) ICBC e Payment
Functions for you to register, cancel or unfreeze ICBC e Payment via Mobile Banking (WAP), check transactions and records.
(XV) Personal Loan
A function for checking unsettled loan contracts, certificate of indebtedness, repayment plan and amount repaid. This function does not support the enquiry on provident fund entrusted loans.
(XVI) Credit Card
Functions for credit card holders to check the balance in credit card and transaction details, repay RMB or FX overdraft in own ICBC credit card. Also included is the function of making payment to credit card by installment.
(XVII) ICBC Messager
Functions for balance change alert, service processing alert and subscription, enquiry, update and cancellation of statement service.
(XVII) Insurance
Functions for you to buy insurance by mobile phone or check insurance details.
(XIV) Donation
A function for you to make donations.
(XX) Unique Branch Services
Unique services provided by the branches to the customers in their areas.
(XXI) Service and Setting
A group of functions for you to customize main menu, pay bills, manage permission, change logon/payment password, register/manage electronic banking, cancel Mobile Banking (WAP), set reserved verification information.
(XXII) Welcome Webpage
This is a webpage to welcome you logon ICBC Mobile Banking (WAP) where you can find all the information such as birthday or seasonal greeting, security tips, message for you from ICBC (announcement, promotion news) and friendly reminder. In your birthday greeting, you can find how much discount you can enjoy if you make transfer or remittance on your birthday; Friendly reminders are little notes to remind you the maturity dates of your call deposit, fixed deposit (30 days in advance), rollover investment agreement (7 days in advance), and ad-hoc report loss of card (remind the expiry date of your report).
(XXIII) Goodbye Webpage
While you logoff Mobile Banking (WAP), this is a webpage to display how long you have been online this time, and important transactions you have made during this session. This includes 5 factors: time, action, A/C No. amount/shares and banking charges.

II. Target Client
All ICBC personal customers.

III. Features and Advantages
1. Access Anytime, Anywhere. ICBC Mobile Banking (WAP) is a service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All information is available in your "hand" for account update, handling of personal finance or bill payment, once you have a mobile for logon.
2. Easy to apply. There are three options to sign up the service by yourself: through ICBC website, Mobile Banking website or Personal Internet Banking, you can also register in person at any ICBC outlet. (External transfer/payment is not available for customers registered through self-service).
3. Rich Functions. A range of financial services offered in ICBC Mobile Banking (WAP) includes transfer and remittance, bill payment, mobile stock, fund and buying/selling of foreign exchange via mobile phone. These services enable you to know latest market trends at any time and accumulate wealth.
4. Safe and Reliable. ICBC Mobile Banking (WAP) has a very strict requirement in the transfer of money from the account. You have to sign an agreement at the ICBC Counter before you can make any transfer or payment. Besides, other measures such as static password, E-banking Code Card are taken to ensure the safety of the money in your account and your personal particulars.
5. Fast login. ICBC launches "Fast Login Software" to facilitate your login. Download and install the software, click the software icon on the mobile phone menu to login mobile banking portal, just by "one-key".

IV. Application Condition
You must be a holder of ICBC Wise Gold Card, Money Link Card, Elite Club Card, Peony Credit Card or current savings passbook, and an internet-enabled mobile phone.

V. Sign up
Self-service Registration:
1. Mobile banking website: Use your mobile phone to logon ICBC mobile banking website (wap.icbc.com.cn), click "Self-service registration", follow the instruction to sign up the service.
2. Web portal: Logon ICBC web portal (www.icbc.com.cn), at the right of the website or on the left of the Personal Internet Banking logon page, click "Self-service Registration of Mobile Banking (WAP)" and follow the instructions to continue.
3. Internet Banking: At the Personal Internet Banking, click "E-Banking Registration" and choose Mobile Banking (WAP). Follow the instructions to fill in your personal particulars, choose the registration card for signing up the service, enter reserved verification information, logon password and registration card No. of first choice. Submit the application. The registration is successful once all information verified.

Counter Registration:
Please bring your valid ID card and the local ICBC bank card to an ICBC outlet, fill in the Application Form of ICBC E-Banking Personal Account Registration, and then sign up  Mobile Banking service.

VI. Service Channel and Hours
Use your mobile phone to login ICBC mobile banking website (wap.icbc.com.cn), click "Login Personal Mobile Banking (WAP)" to continue.

VII. Fee and Tax
Please refer to the charges announced by the mobile operators for the fees incurred when using mobile phone to access internet.

VIII. Considerations
1. Before signing up Mobile Banking (WAP), make sure your mobile phone can access internet. If not, please check with the local telecom operator or the mobile phone manufacturer, or view the FAQs at ICBC website.
2. Spot trading of precious metals/foreign exchange and small exchange settlement and sale should be finished in 10 seconds since timed-out may cause unsuccessful transaction.
3. If you already use ICBC USB-Shield and wish to sign up Mobile Banking (WAP), register at ICBC counter and apply for a code card or ICBC e-password device separately. Your USB-Shield certificate can be used as usual. 
4. To download and install "Fast Login Software", choose the appropriate mobile phone brand and model No., See FAQs for further information.

Information herein is for reference only. Refer to the announcements and regulations of local branches for further details.